TripSafe Center: Keeping You Safe at Home and on the Road

Our first priority has always been the safety of our members. That is why we are excited to announce our new TripSafe Center. Here, Trippers can find resources to empower them to stay safe both when Tripping and when at home.

Let's take a look at the safety features that we offer our community:

Anonymous ratings: an easy-to-use 5 star scale helps members evaluate the reputability of a member before choosing to connect.

References: brief testimonials left by members describing experiences they've had with each other that provide a vivid snapshot of what it's like to meet a member and help Trippers make informed decisions.

Validation: a face-to-face video chat with a member of the Tripping team, in which they confirm a member's identity and current address. A Validation icon appears on the profiles of Validated Trippers.

Travelers Support Line: Trippers who encounter unexpected obstacles while traveling (such as lost passports or being locked out of a host's home) can contact our Travel Support line, and we'll do our best to get them the information they need.

Networks: help Trippers leverage the affiliations they already trust. Private Networks give members the confidence they're connecting with people who have been vetted by the same organizations to which they belong.

Quality Profile Guarantee: members with empty profiles are no longer allowed to send messages, as we believe learning about members before meeting them offline is one of the most important things you can do to continue to have safe experiences.

Real Name Community: we encourage members to use their real names, as we believe hiding behind nicknames is unnecessary in a community like ours built on trust and honesty.

Zero Tolerance Policy: if we discover a complaint about a member compromising the safety of a fellow Tripper, we take immediate action to research the issue and remove the member if necessary.

In addition to our safety features, we also have a series of handy FAQs. They include the following:

  • General Safety FAQs
  • Host Safety FAQs
  • Tripper Safety FAQs
  • Anonymous Ratings FAQs
  • References FAQs
  • Validation FAQs
  • Travel Support Line FAQs

To further help our members stay safe, we also have Safety Tips which include the following:

  • General Safety Tips (for example, "How to Read a Tripping Profile")
  • Tripper Safety Tips (such as, "How to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone")
  • Host Safety Tips (including, "4 Things Every Host Should Know are A-Okay to Do (Or Not Do)")
  • Student Safety Tips (for example, "Tips for Staying Safe While Studying Abroad")

Happy travels everyone! If you have a great idea to help make our community even safer or feedback about one of our features, sends us your suggestions. Just click here.