We started Tripping to create a safe and easy way for travelers to connect with locals. Since our members often meet in real life (and even stay in each others' homes), safety is definitely our top priority. So how do we keep our community safe, you want to know? For starters, we've built a bunch of safety features (like Ratings and References) across the site. We also review new profiles, keep an eye out for abusive behavior and block spammers with advanced anti-spam mechanisms. While Tripping is the only hospitality network to have some of these features, we've also taken it one step further by creating the TripSafe Program. TripSafe is an emergency hotline for our members. Lost your passport? Stranded in an unfamiliar city? Don't feel comfortable staying with your host? As a Tripping member, you can contact us anytime at [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you. TripSafe will continue to evolve over the coming months, so you'll soon be able to reach us by phone, sms / text message, skype and carrier pigeon. (Ok, maybe not by carrier pigeon, but you get the idea.) We're doing everything we can to making Tripping the safest hospitality site on the planet and we want all of you globe-trotting, adventure-seeking Trippers to know that we've got your back. Do you have ideas for how we can make Tripping even safer? Your input is invaluable and we'd love to hear from you. Contact us or post a comment below.   Happy - and safe - travels! -Grahame