Tripping Down Memory Lane

If you're reading this post you probably know a decent amount about Tripping. Perhaps you've created a profile or checked out our safety features. You may have stayed with Tripping Hosts on your last trip or even hosted someone yourself. But no matter what, we're pretty sure you've seen our logo. But this wasn't always our logo! No, long ago in a faraway time known as "2009" (I know, I can barely remember it too) when we first started building Tripping, there were a few other logos up for consideration. Today we're sharing those designs with you. We hope you enjoy these pieces of Tripping's past and - as we continue to make Tripping the best and safesty hospitality network on the planet - let's all look forward to the future of travel! -Grahame PS - Did we make the right choice? Let us know which logo is your favorite in the comments: