Tripper of the Week Natalie de Boursac: World Travel You Can't Describe in Words

Tripper of the Week, Natalie de Boursac started her international experience early growing up in Singapore. She has tripped to all 7 continents but isn't going to stop at 50 countries! Read her world travel story and recommendations and let her cool rub off on you.

1) When did you first start traveling?

I took my very first flight from London to KL, Malaysia where my family was being relocated, when I was just 2 months old. I have since fallen in love with travelling, flying and adventuring. In large part this is due to my jumbled family - I am half Turkish, half English but was raised in Singapore before attending Universiy in the US. Both my parents and sibling are travellers and it seems to be a part of my blood. Additionally, I was very lucky to grow up in Asia where world wonders, beautiful beaches and amazing temples are only a hop, skip, bumpy bus ride, a little ricketty boat ride and a jump away. These factors meant that I became a traveller from a very early age.

2) What is your favorite memory from growing up in Singapore?

I have countless wonderful memories as I absolutely loved growing up in Singapore, attending schools with kids from all corners of the world. Growing up in Singapore meant being thrown into an extended, jumbled, confusing, international community - being invited to family Indian Devali celebrations, Australian bqqs, playing dress up with my best friends from the UK, South Africa and Sri Lanka. I grew up as a minority, which is always an insightful learning experience. I was exposed to a variety of color, culture, religion, politics and socioeconomic diversity that has shaped my identity and my perspective.

3) If you were to give a recommendation for one place everyone MUST visit in the world, based on your travels, what would it be and why?

Antarctica. There are litterally no words. Only photos. One of the million penguins come up to you to chat or examine your camera lens. Sea lions, whales, and dolphins up close next to the most spectacular scenery in the world. I would liken this more to visiting the moon than any other place of earth.

San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile. SPECTACULAR! I have never been exposed to more shocking, bright colours or scenery. Salt flats, an inch of water that reflects the mountains behind it, the sunrise in sleeping bags - nothing quite beats this. From here you can also cross over to the Bolivian salt flats - indescribably beautiful, scerene, endless.

Kruger National Park, South Africa. Seeing a lion or any of the big five is almost like an out of body experience.

Machu Picchu takes your breath away.

Abu Simble, Egypt: the most gorgeous and impressive temple i have ever seen.

4) What is one activity you have always wanted to learn but never tried?

I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Guitars and music have a way and power of connecting people that transcend languages and cultures. Sitting around a camp fire, strumming away bonds people.

5) Where are you headed next?

Africa! I have planned a whirlwind year of adventure. I have just spent the last 8 months travelling around South America, popping over to Antarctica and am now planning on hitting Europe and Asia before I jump off into an African safari for 3 months. I have now officially travelled to all 7 continents, over 50 countries and can safely declare myself a travel addict. I have no intention to ever stop exploring.