Tripper of the Week Stephen Richardson: I'd Rather Be Tripping

Stephen Richardson is the Tripper of the Week! Traveling around the world with his wife of 24 years, he creates wild memories and collects t-shirts everywhere they go. Get to know this awesome Tripper and maybe start a t-shirt collection of your own! 1)What first inspired you and your wife to take on the goal of traveling to every continent? Many years ago we went to a time management seminar and they talked about personal goals as well as professional. They suggested 1 year goals, 3 year goals and 5 year goals. That's when we decided our 5 year goal would be a dream trip to Australia. Once we did that we thought "today Australia, tomorrow the world," so we started working toward the other continents. It's nice to have plans to work toward. We often say we work hard and play hard. 2) Of the 4 continents you have visited, which one one have you visited the most? Which place was your favorite? Most of our travels have been in North America. Being our home continent makes travel easier. We travelled within 7 Canadian provinces and 21 in the United States. It's difficult to pick a favorite place since each one has it's own intrigue. San Diego would be in the running as favorite. It's a gorgeous city and still offers a small town feel. The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway was an awesome experience. And of course Australia is always a favorite. We spent 5 weeks travelling through their beautiful country and was sad when it was time to go home. 3) You have been to many large events such as Mardis Gras, Carival in Rio, Octoberfest in Munich, and Fanasty Fest in Key West. What has been the craziest memory from one of these events? Probably the craziest memory would be Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida. Another couple travelled with us and we took part in a Toga Party, Leather and Lace Brunch and body painting. We did so many things that took us out of our comfort level. It was great. 4) You buy a shirt from every place you visit. How many shirts do you have now total? I have over 100 t shirts. One of my cool t-shirts is from World Famous Filenes Basement in Boston. I've also had opportunity to buy t-shirts for events before they happen. In 1996 when we went to Australia, I bought a shirt for the 2000 Olympics. I got a shirt in Rio for the World Cup Soccer being held in 2014. It's neat to have it years before the event takes place. And of course the shirt you sent is a favorite because we work hard all year, all the time thinking "I'd rather be Tripping!" 5) What's the plan to hit the next 3 continents? If nothing unforeseen comes up, we will visit Asia (Tokyo and Thailand) in 2014, South Africa in 2016 and Antarctica in 2018 (to celebrate our 60th birthdays). The longer trips take more planning which is why they are every second year. The in-between years are usually closer destinations. Thanks Stephen! You can connect to Stephen by viewing his Tripping profile and make your own Tripping memories by creating your very own account!
All Photos contributed by Stephen Richardson.