Tripper of the Week Ryan C. Haynes: World Travel Explorations

Ryan C. Haynes has visited 28 countries and is adding even more to the list... 1. In what part of the world did you grow up? I grew up in Poole, Dorset, in the south of England, known as the Jurassic coastline, in the largest 'natural' harbour in the world, and the home of the boy scouts - Brownsea Island. I grew up in an area shrouded in mystery and draped in intrigue, there was always so much to see. I would often grab my bike and cycle 20 - 30 km into the countryside in the middle of summer. This is where I learned I loved to explore!

2. How many countries have you visited and of those which has been your favorite?

I've visited a total of 28 countries so far and my most favourites have been France - the food, the culture and the landscape are so rich and exciting, plus I love to practice my French, Argentina was fun and the people were so friendly and welcoming especially when visiting the country's secondary cities. And my third favourite has to be Germany, I enjoy returning here time and time again, the gay nightlife is always extravagant in every city I've been to.

3. On your round the world adventures, what has been your favorite encounter with locals?

When I went to Rio de Janeiro for the annual Rio Carnival. I spent 10 days in Ipanema celebrating and partying on the beach. I met a group of locals who took me around the main tourist sites including Christ the Redeemer and a local rainforest park. One evening I was invited by one of the guys to visit his family for a BBQ, I was surprised by how open they were and willing to invite me to their family home, I have remained in contact with them and I hope to return later this year to celebrate Christmas and New Year with them.

4. Which destination you've visited has most surpassed your expectations?

It has to be Cambodia. I went to specifically visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, I traveled alone and was quite nervous, however the people were incredibly friendly and really helped me settle in very quickly. My tour guides went way beyond my expectations, showing me the back streets and small village communities as I explored the Hindu Temples. I was also surprised at how amazing the food is, there was so much choice and the cuisine is a mix of all the Asian foods - fresh, slightly spicy, light and incredibly tasty. Furthermore the prices here are just phenomenal.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world besides the UK, where would you live and why?

I really want to live in France, I just have to surpass my fear of not knowing the language well enough. My choice would be South of France, probably Nice. The climate is beautiful all year round, there is a mix of countryside and beach and the food is so rich especially the salads and fish dishes.

6. What will be the next stamp on your passport?

I am heading to China and North Korea in August, and I cannot wait to experience these two cultures.   Connect with Ryan on his Tripping profile to hear more world travel tips and recommendations.