Tripper of the Week: Peter de Boursac

We heard from his sister, Natalie, last week, and now Peter (also known as Pete) gives us the low-down on his travels. This bro pro has been Tripping's engineering intern for the past 4 months, and what a great time it's been. This week, he dives into what got him into traveling and shares his unique experiences as an international Tripper. 1)What is something unique about living in Singapore that you haven't experienced anywhere else. Cheap delicious local food at hawker centers. Having moved to Singapore at age one, I've always loved the local food. There are these massive food complexes with dozens of different food stalls, each specializing in their own cuisine. You can get a massive portion of some of the tastiest food in Singapore for $3! Some of my favorites include Laksa, chicken rice, and stingray.       2) Describe your coolest traveling adventure. That's a tough one. When I was about 15 I was sailing a Catamaran with about 5 other people in Aix-en-Provence (I hardly knew what I was doing). It was some of the strongest wind I'd ever sailed in - the boat was flying and I was having the time of my life. To help balance the boat I was trapezing out on one side when suddenly the instructor handed me both the tiller extension and the main sheet (control of everything going on at the time). It was the most exhilarating experience of my life and the most fun I've had. All of this was set against the beautiful backdrop of southern France. 3) Name 5 places that everyone should visit at some point in their life.
  • Pyramids of Giza & a Nile cruise
  • Rice Terraces in Bali at sunset
  • Ming Court (Restaurant), Hong Kong. Best dim sum in the world, they charge a fraction of what they could.
  • Scuba-dive off the east coast of Malaysia
  • Rugby 7s in Hong Kong
4) If you could have any career besides being a rockin engineer, salary and education aside, what would it be and why? Either a pro windsurfer OR an astronaut. Why not both? 5) Tell us about your upcoming windsurfing adventure. What's the plan for your trip? Unfortunately, my windsurfing trip to Bonaire got cancelled for visa reasons. Instead I'll be going on a 10-day hiking trip in Yosemite and then a 6-day trip around Alaska since there's no better time of year to visit. The windsurfing will have to wait till I move to Connecticut.   Thanks Pete! You'll be missed! Get to know Peter on Tripping and stay posted on his upcoming US travels.