Tripper of the Week Nicholas Beckman: Wherever He May Roam

Nicholas Beckman is our Tripper of the Week. Nicholas recently started working at the Tripping HQ. We asked him to share his love and philosophy toward travel. 1) What’s your approach to travel? At this point in my life, I’m not so much about the destination as much I am in love with the experience of traveling. I don’t like to make my plans too specific because I really enjoy getting lost and wandering around in unfamiliar environments. I used to travel for fun and adventure, but now travel is like a form of meditation by which I check in with myself and try to immerse myself in the beauty that surrounds me. 2) Tell us about your favorite adventure. In 2011, I made a trip to Guatemala with some friends who were interested in starting an “Intentional Community.” They had some land they wanted to turn into a farm, and it all sounded very romantic and fun. The land was located in a jungle an hour away from the nearest town by bus and two hours trek by foot up a mountainside. After a couple days, my friends decided to go meet up with some people on the other side of the country and we all decided to split up. I met another traveler in a hostel that same evening, and we began a five-day journey by bus and taxi through Honduras to Managua, Nicaragua. We covered a lot of ground and shared great conversations. 3) What was your most recent trip? Last December, I went on a road trip from San Francisco, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had lived in New Mexico for a few months the year prior, but never had the chance to explore Taos and Santa Fe as thoroughly as I wanted to. I called a friend from the car and told them to expect me in two days. I spent two days in Albuquerque, a day Santa Fe, and two days in Taos, then decided to spend some time in Jerome, Arizona before finally deciding to drive back home. 4) Where have you loved visiting the most? I lived in Fribourg, Switzerland for 6 weeks one summer as part of a study abroad program. We traveled all over Switzerland from Geneva to Zurich; I spent every weekend with my fellow students seeing as much of the country as we were able. I wish I could live in Switzerland, it was an incredible experience and I want to return one day for as long as I can. One weekend, a group of about 7 students all took the train to Interlaken and decided to go bungee jumping. We wound up missing the last scheduled train home that evening and ended up sleeping in hostels. 5) Do you know where you want to go next? I really want to go on another road trip; I think I will be heading north along the Pacific coast to a beach somewhere in Oregon. I really want to sit out on a secluded beach looking out to the ocean. I have a little dog now, and I just love taking her to the beach or on a hike in the woods and exploring together! All photos provided by Nicholas Beckman