Tripper of the Week: Michael Goodrich

Our Tripper of the Week hails from a little town located quite a bit north of this week's must-see, but is another must-see in the land of Oz. This Aussie adventurer shares with us his travel stories, loves, and inspirations. Be sure to check out Michael's profile and give him a shout if you're ever in the NT. Michael is also one of our recently validated hosts! It seems you are very well traveled. Did you grow up traveling around Australia? The world? What hooked you? I had my first overseas trip in 2007. I spent a few weeks in Scotland and Italy. I then planned to stay a week in London and from there backpack around Europe, but like most plans, they didn't pan out. I landed in London on a Saturday. On Sunday I met a girl and fell in love. Two weeks later I had a job, house, car and girlfriend. Since then, I have decided to not plan too much and let the adventure find you. You say in your profile that there are 1001 places to visit in Northern Territory. Can you give us the first five? This is a hard one... The five must-sees in the Northern Territory in no particular order are Uluru, Kakadu National Park, Nitmiluk National Park, Butterfly Gorge and finally, my house. It's a tropo designed tree house. It makes me feel like I am on a constant tropical holiday. It's no secret that you have a strong love for adventure. What's the wildest thing you've ever done on the road? The wildest thing I have ever done on the road is teaching an American to drive stick. LOL. Who would you most want to travel with or host in your hometown? I would love to go traveling with my sisters through Italy's small villages drinking great wines and eating amazing food. I would love to host a good friend I met traveling when I was in the UK. I love to share my hometown and country with anyone! What's the one thing you miss the most when away from Oz? Darwin, my hometown, is small so I miss being able to walk into any pub or walk down any street and bump into friends. Although what I love about traveling is meeting new people and making new friends. Where to next? Next on my list is a road trip from Darwin to Broome (west coast of Australia) along the Gibb River Road. This is a must for anyone coming to Australia if you want to see the outback. What are your plans for New Years this year? I plan to spend this New Years with friends sitting in a spa on their balcony overlooking the sea and watching the fireworks. Should be a great New Years Eve!! Fun Aussie Facts from Michael: 1. There are no kangaroos on Kangaroo Island, just lots and lots of Koalas (that smell bad). 2. Cotton Candy is known as Fairy Floss. 3. At Christmas in Australia most people eat prawns. No one here calls them shrimp and putting on the bbq is forbidden! Good on ya mate! Cheers for your time, your tales, and for contributing to the Tripping Community. Please keep us posted on your journeys as you check them off your endless list. Happy Tripping!