Tripper of the Week Matt Long: LandLoper Extraordinaire

An experiential traveler at heart, Matt Long shares his adventures with thousands of readers every day through his travel blog, As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer.

What prompted the switch from cubicle dweller to LandLoper?

Well it was a slow change. I started the site while still gainfully employed, as a much needed creative outlet. I have always loved travel and thought it was time to start sharing my experiences. When I lost my job in 2012, I decided it was fate trying to tell me something and made the switch to full-time blogger.

From your traveling experience is there a particular cuisine that you love, or a meal you remember more fondly than others?

Food is one of the most important aspects of travel and always figures in strongly with all of my trips. That being said, the food in Jordan is amongst my most favorite. I’m a picky eater, but almost everything in Jordan was great and the quality of the ingredients and variety of the food is hard to beat.

You’re part adventurer at heart, what’s the most removed you have ever felt from your comfort zone?

I have a slight fear of heights, so when I jumped with the highest bungee swing in the world in Durban, South Africa earlier this year I was scared out of my mind. But like most experiences that push our boundaries, I was thankful that I did it. And thankful that I never have to do it again.

You base your life out of Washington D.C., what is it like to return home to a bustling city after an adventure or visiting a remote destination?

Well we live in the suburbs, so home is a great place to rest, relax and recharge after my trips. My adventures are anything but relaxing, they’re usually fast paced and action filled so being home with my significant other and my three dogs is always a moment of joy.

Where haven’t you been that you would really love to visit?

Anywhere I haven’t been really, but two places that stand out are the South Pacific and India. French Polynesia has long captivated my imagination since first reading Michener as a kid. That desire has never faded and my dream of island hopping in paradise is as strong as ever. India interests me because I think it will be a personal challenge. I think it will take me out of my comfort zone but that the rewards the country has to offer will be well worth the effort. Matt is a Washington, DC based travel blogger and has been featured on many other web sites and publications including BBC Travel, CNN GO, Huffington Post, AFAR Magazine and National Geographic Intelligent Travel. His work is also syndicated on Alltop and the Flipboard and Pulse apps. Follow him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. All Photos Provided by Matt Long