Traveling with a Purpose

The World Cup - which is the biggest tournament for the most popular sport in the world - begins this June in South Africa. Instead of just flying to Cape Town and enjoying the matches, two football (aka soccer) fans are traveling the length of the African continent, giving footballs to kids along the way. Jordi and Melchior, good friends and retired players, are now en route to South Africa. They're traveling like locals - mostly by bus - and bringing footballs to African children who have none. The plan is to visit 3 orphanages in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. At each stop, they will donate 10 footballs, play pickup games and shares smiles with the children they meet.
Their generosity reminds us that travel isn't just about taking photos of monuments and collecting colorful postcards. It can also be a chance to do something good - whether you're volunteering at a soup kitchen in Chicago, picking up trash on a beach in Brazil or giving footballs to kids, you'll get to experience the local culture on a deeper and more personal level. (Plus you'll be making the world a better place, which is a great side perk.) We typically don't promote anything having to do with money, but we think Jordi and Melchior are doing a great thing. So if you want to donate a €10 ball to some kids who will surely appreciate it, check out FootballSmiles today.