Travel Tuesday: Trippers on the Road!

Another postcard from a Tripper on the road! Not TOO far from the must-see land down under is another popular destination for backpackers - Thailand! In fact, it's a very common place for Aussies and Kiwis to spend their holidays due to the fact that it is a somewhat "short" flight. It is a common place for holidays in general because of it's vibrant culture, thrifty shopping, luxurious accommodations, and infamous beach parties. Thank you Tanawan for the beautiful postcard! I wish I was ringing in the new year at this beach... Please don't forget about us during your travels this holiday season. Where will you be ringing in the new year? Feel free to send us a postcard and start the 2011 collection! ;) Tripping HQ The Presidio, PO Box 29593 San Francisco, CA 94129 USA Happy Tripping! -Lauren