Travel Tuesday: A Local's View in Honolulu

Spring break is here and it's no secret that Hawaii is a major tourist destination this time of year, attracting flocks of people from all over the world. Hawaii's capital, Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu and home to the famous Waikiki beach, may be considered a tourist trap to many. However, sharing its overcrowded beaches with these international travelers are the locals who call this paradise their home. One of our members and Hawaii native, Jason Walter, volunteers his top local things to do in Honolulu in this week's Travel Tuesday post... 

In all honesty, our weather has been kind of strange lately, but from most of the people I encounter who are visiting, the weather here is still more desirable than other areas of the world. With that, in Honolulu, you can literally walk out your door and find something cool, uh warm, to do...

Hiking. We have some epic hikes here on Oahu. For a quick jaunt, try Diamond Head. If that's a little too easy for you, kick it up a notch and go for the trails at Kokohead or Hawaii Loa Ridge. All of the above have excellent views of Oahu's South Shore.

Beach, beach, beach. Waialae Beach Park, Kailua Beach Park, Sandy's, and Makapu'u are beautiful beaches where you can avoid the Waikiki crowds. Don't want to drive or bus? Go to Kaimana's. It's a nice walk all the way down the Waikiki strip past Kapiolani Beach Park. It's not too crowded and the water is cleaner than the more populated areas in Waikiki.

Surfing. Just because I grew up skateboarding, body boarding, and playing sports and do not consider myself a surfer, doesn't mean I don't suggest trying it out. It's an adrenaline rush to catch a wave. There are all kinds of places to rent boards around the island and to take lessons.

Scuba. Why not get Scuba certified while you are here? It would be another skill you can add to your toolbox and who knows, maybe it will inspire a passion. If you are going to do it, Hawaii has some of the world's best reefs and aquatic life to take in. 

Massage. Lomi Lomi is the traditional form of healing massage in the Hawaiian culture - a technique focused on full relaxation and energy balance through a loving touch. After the hikes and water sports, it's often just what you need. 

Psychic Reading. Hawaii is a very spiritual place and if your soul needs a breath of fresh air, you are in the right place. There are many readers (warning: shameless self-promotion) including yours truly, who would be happy to give you some spiritual consultation about life and your travels.

There you have it - just a snapshot of what Honolulu has to offer. When you do visit, please feel free to shoot me a line via Tripping and I'll give you many more local tips! Aloha nui loa!

Mahalo Jason! 

Photos by Lauren.