Travel Tips Roundup (June-July)

We've rounded up our recent favorite travel tips from around the web. From weird laws travelers should be aware of to the best airline food, here's our June-July roundup.

Weird Laws to Know Before You Travel

This Yahoo! travel article has 10 types of offbeat local laws around the world. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

In Virginia Beach on the Atlantic Coast of the U.S., swearing can lead to up to 10 days of community service and a $250 fine. In Australia's Queensland and Victoria, cursing can lead to fines of $100AUD and $240AUD, respectively.

On the Italian Riviera, in the town of Lerici, and on the island of Capri, you're not allowed to walk around the town in only swimwear. Furthermore, in Capri, noisy shoes like sandals with wooden soles and clogs are banned.

And the weirdest law: If you want to avoid $1,000 fines or 5 years in prison in Skamia County in Washington, don't hunt Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch); it's illegal under the Sasquatch Protection Ordinance in 1969.

International Etiquette 101

Fodors featured this article with basic tips how to avoid committing those embarrasing faux pas abroad. Check out 3 of our favs:

When visiting Arab countries, resist the urge to cross your legs; keep your fee on the ground, as showing the soles of your feet is considered rude in most countries in the region.

When enjoying a meal in Chile, be sure to use a fork and knife for all food (including fries).

When traveling in France and attempting to speak French to a local, keep in mind that a response in English is meant as a polite gesture and not intended to be condescending.

12 Tips for Saving Money on Food While Traveling

Food costs can definitely add up while traveling, so these tips on Gadling are sure to be useful for just about any traveler.

Always Check for Extra Fees: when eating out abroad, you may encounter fees for certain items that are complimentary at home. For example, charging for use of the table or charging for condiments is common in certain countries. Also, small appetizers and breads brought to the table before the meal may have an associated charge. Ask the server to take them away, as you will be charged otherwise.

Sample the Street Food: you'll get to sample unique local foods you'd never encounter otherwise, for a fraction of what you'd pay in a restaurant.

Beware of the "Everything Is So Cheap" Mindset: traveling in a very inexpensive country? Since everything is a fraction of the price, you may be tempted to not watch your budget very closely. But even small expenses can quickly add up, so be mindful of them.

10 Airlines with Awesome Food Options

Which airlines offer the best inflight meals? This Zagat article identifies 10. Here are the 3 that jumped out at us:

Thai Airways: they won AirTrax's Passenger Choice Award for economy-class catering. Their commitment to catering to its passengers with special needs and their amazing Thai curries put them head and shoulders above the rest.

Emirates Air: they won the best airline food by Skyscanner and take pride in not just providing the finest dining experience in business and first class but also in economy class. On Emirates' economy class for example, you will find complimentary wine and beverages as well as smoked tuna appetizers and lamb entrees. First class passengers enjoy seven-course dinners and lunches, including not only the more traditional champagne and caviar but also more exotic dishes such as wild forest honey-glazed duck breast, moutabel and shanklish salad.

Turkish Airlines: voted Europe's Best Airline in 2011, they won Best In-Flight Food by Skyscanner. "Flying Chefs" actually work alongside the cabin crew and prepare world cuisine and rich traditional Turkish dishes on board.