Nine years after the Gilmore Girls left the Silver Screen, Netflix is reuniting them in a four-part sequel: A Year in the Life, which is set to debut the day after Thanksgiving. While fans everywhere have been compiling their lists of junk food for the binge watch, has compiled a guide for your trip down memory lane, featuring the most memorable locations and moments from the show.

Teaming up with the tours and excursions specialists of the online portal GetYourGuide, wants to remind you of the places of five of the most memorable moments for the Gilmores outside of Stars Hallow--Cambridge, Hartford, New York, Miami and Martha’s Vineyard.

Grab some snacks and let's go!

Cambridge, MA

Since the beginning of the series, Rory dreamed of attending Harvard and she was awestruck when she visited the university for the first time. Participants of the 70-minute campus tour (from $12 per person) can experience the same enchantment exploring the historic landmarks of the extensive college grounds. Rather than bunking up in the dorms, stay down the street in a thematic furnished apartment (from $400 per night).

Hartford, Connecticut

Friday night dinners with Lorelai's parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, filled the series with endless inside jokes and lavish dishes. Relive weekly dinner at a tucked away home in Hartford as you host visitors in this antique-style house with veranda and garden attached (from $367 per night).

Miami, Florida

While Rory was anything but a partygoer, she spent one week accompanying her friend Paris to Florida for Spring Break. Visitors can participate in their own Pub Crawl (from $30 per person) in Miami South Beach with drinks and covers included. After a long night of partying, travelers can fall asleep to a view of Miami's skyline in a chic Miami apartment (from $310 per night).

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Rory and Lorelai headed to Martha’s Vineyard with their significant others for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway. The weekend ended early as Logan’s father arrived unexpectedly to reproach him for a canceled business meeting. Without such worries, travelers can enjoy the island off the southern coast of Cape Cod in a waterfront home on the port of Edgartown (from $1,967 per night).