Tourist Attractions Travelers Must Not Miss in Killarney

Outdoor adventurers, nature lovers, and other travelers have fallen in love with Killarney for a lot of reasons. Adventurers get that rush of adrenaline that they seek by enjoying outdoor recreational activities on land, water, and air. Also, nature lovers and travelers get to see spectacular man-made and natural scenery. That's not all, party people, hens, and stags also frequent this town because of its lively nightlife.

Now, for those who have never set foot on Killarney, but plan on going there soon, here are some tourist attractions that should not be missed. There are so many sights to see in and around this town. To make the most out of one's stay, make sure to see these tourist attractions to experience what this Irish town really has to offer.

Killarney National Park

Stretching over a hundred square kilometers, Killarney National Park will be a treat for those that love nature trips. Most of the town's tourist attractions are located within this park. With diverse flora and fauna, some of which can only be found in this region, this park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981.

Muckross House serves as the education and visitor center for this national park and that's one of many tourist attractions located within the park. Other attractions worth seeing will include the Torc Waterfall, Muckross Abbey, Muckross Peninsula, the Meeting of the Waters, Ladies View, Knockreer Demesne, Inisfallen Island, Old Sullivan's Cascade, Dinis Cottage, Tomies Oakwood, Ross Island, Ross Castle, Old Kenmare Road, Old Weir Bridge, and the Lakes of Killarney.

Catholic Churches

A lot of travelers do not necessarily visit the Sistine Chapel because of their faith. The whole place is, simply put, a work of art which makes it worth seeing. Though the churches in Ireland do not really compare in artwork to the ones in Italy, the Catholic Churches in Ireland are still worth seeing.

In Killarney, one will find St. Mary's Cathedral which is a work of art in itself as it was designed by the English Architect Augustus Welby Pugin. Considered among the most important Gothic Revival churches in Ireland, St. Mary's Cathedral is certainly worth visiting.

Even though Aghadoe Cathedral is already in ruins, this church continues to be a popular spot for archaeologists and tourists. Located in Aghadoe, a large town land in Killarney, this area also offers a fantastic view of Innisfallen Island and Killarney's lakes aside from the church's ruins.

Hills and Mountains

Outdoor adventurers that enjoy hiking and rock climbing should definitely check out Killarney's mountains. The Gap of Dunloe, as is, is already a popular tourist attraction as well as a popular rock climbing site. It separates two mountain ranges, Purple Mountain and Macgillycuddy's Reeks.

Macgillycuddy's Reeks is a mountain range that features the highest peaks in Ireland. Out of twenty seven peaks, Carrauntoohil is the highest at 1,038 meters. The Purple Mountains are already worth seeing from afar. It is covered with shivered slate that gives its unique purple color.

The Ring of Kerry

Killarney is also a very popular tourist locations because it is where the Ring of Kerry starts. Though there are already so many sights worth seeing in this town, the ring goes all around County Kerry and presents the best view of tourist attractions.

Of course, those that wish to get up close and personal with those attractions seen along the ring should explore Killarney National Park. Bus companies tour travelers around the ring during the summer season.

Killarney's Nightlife

Mainly due to the amount of visitors in the area during the summer months, Killarney's nightlife is very popular among party goers. Party goers can actually party seven days a week throughout the summer season.

These are the tourist attractions that travelers should not miss during their stay in Killarney. By visiting these attractions, first timers will definitely see the best that this town has to offer.

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