Top Travel Apps Spotlight: Urban Adventures Treasure mApps (Part II)

After reading all about the inspiration behind the app in our Top Travel Apps Spotlight: Urban Adventures Treasure mApps (Part I) and how they "don't include any of the normal sightseeing sites" I was really excited to see for myself.

I spent a few months in Berlin, so I decided to check out the Berlin Treasure mApp.

I clicked on the heart-shaped "Places" icon and imagined myself as a solo female traveler in Berlin. I noticed at the top of the screen were options to join some of Urban Adventures' tours. That could have been a great option, and it would have been convenient to have the tour info handy.

It was especially convenient that at the bottom of the page was a map and the link for the tour.

But I was in the mood to look for some solo adventures, so scrolled down to see what else they had.

I spotted something called "Stattbad Wedding." Wedding? I had to click on it!

It turned out to be every bit as cool as it sounded. An abandoned 100-year-0ld indoor pool transformed into a space for exhibitions and performances? That would definitely be worth checking out.

Then I spotted a building with a giant cat on the roof. Ooh - I just had to find out what it was!

It had two of the characteristics that make a venue very appealing to me: an interesting history (a former soap factory) and activities or combination of activities you don't find everywhere (outdoor dining, indoor and outdoor dancing and a cinema).

No doubt wandering around Berlin would make me hungry, and I am a foodie, so naturally I had to click on one of the restaurant recommendations.

Asian fusion on long, wooden communal benches sounded like the perfect combination, especially on a warm, summer night!

Looking at the fun places to explore in the city made me want to hop on a plane and head straight for Berlin.

It's been years since I've been to Berlin, so imagining myself there I realized the map feature in the Berlin Treasure mApp would have been a really useful tool.

If you're headed to Berlin, the Urban Adventures Berlin Treasure mApp is a great resource! I love that it's a great combination of beautiful images of off-the-beaten-path places and useful maps.

The one feature I didn't get to test was wandering about the city and having the Treasure mApp notify me with a little buzz that the neighborhood I was strolling through had a fun spot to check out. I'll definitely have to test it on my next trip!

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