Top 5 Things to Do on a Sunday in Málaga

What to Do in Málaga

Amy Dell, an American living on Spain's Costa del Sol and teaching English at a local school gives us the inside scoop on what to do on a relaxing Málaga Sunday.

Spain is a very traditional, family oriented culture, and they love their Sundays off from work to spend time with loved ones. I challenge you to find an open supermarket, or do anything productive on a Sunday. It just doesn't happen here. If you find yourself in Málaga on a Sunday, set aside your to-do list and try out one of the ways I've found to enjoy Sundays on the Costa del Sol.

1. La Malagueta: There's no better way to while away the afternoon than with your toes buried in the sand, the Andalucían sun beaming down on you, and the Mediterranean at your disposal. Pack sunscreen, a book, a few San Miguels, and get your tan on. Or put on your running shoes, grab your ipod,and go for a jog along the beach. With 300 days of sunshine a year there's no excuse not to.

2. Tapeando: Gather your friends for a proper tapas session. The rest of the world can really learn a thing or two from this fine art of feasting on small-portioned plates. Each person chooses a tapa or two and everything is shared. It's a perfect way to try new food or stick to your favorites. Some of my personal favorites: berenjenas, croquetas, flamenquín, patatas bravas, and of course, tortilla. You might even find one of the few places that have adopted Granada's custom of giving a free tapa with each drink (Hint: try El Tapy).

3. Alcazaba/Castillo de Gibralfaro: Málaga's iconic hilltop castle and fortress tell the fascinating story of the region's Muslim past, and provide the best views of the city. Look to see if there's a bullfight today, you've got a bird's eye view. Why visit on a Sunday? It's free after 2pm.

4. Escape the City: Málaga might be an industrialized port city, but there is no shortage of opportunities to get away and enjoy some of Andalucía's beautiful mountain ranges.Climb to the top of Torrecilla in the Sierra de las Nieves to catch a glimpse of Africa, or hike down to Camino de los Molinos in Ronda for the best view of the pueblo's impressive Puente Nuevo. Vigorous hiking is a little contrary to the idea of Sunday as a day of rest, but don't worry. That part comes next.

5. Siesta: Reward yourself for making good use of your Sunday with Spain's national pastime: a siesta. If you have a terrace and a lounge chair that would be the place to do it. Drift into a deep sleep while your tapas digest, your legs rest, and you dream of what you might do next Sunday.

Gracias, Amy for the tips! Sundays in Málaga sound absolutely wonderful! Connect with Amy via her blog Teach, Learn, Run and via Tripping profile.

Photo credits: Photo 3 by WordRidden, Photo 1,2,4-6 by Amy Dell.