Top 5 things to do in Mongolia

Traveling to Mongolia - or even just dreaming about it? Here are 5 activities there you must try, from avid traveler, expat and Tripper Ann-Sofie.

Sleeping in a Ger tent

Sharing the airag (fermented milk thing) with the locals, eating a full mutton head (You've been warned you'll eat mutton, mutton and mutton –and I'm a veggie J -), and walking long distances to go to the toilet (as it's flat and without tree), and best of all getting rained on in the middle of the night!

Having a Mongolian shower

Nothing beats the fresh water from the Mongolian cascades and rivers, refreshing yourself after days in the nice summer heat, walking, climbing and near puking in the bumpy rides


Enjoy the best stargazing in your life, dancing and jumping across the campfire, Mongolian chants,drinking delicious Mongolian vodka, waking up and observing some sort of eagles eat your food, getting a visit from the local farmers.

Riding a motorcycle

Borrowing the local guy's motorcycle and just have an awesome ride, not only feel the liberty fly through your hair, but having this vast enormous distances in front of you, free to use. And actually a good tool to go to the toilet (see number 1).

Riding a camel

I know it sounds cliché, but when on of your friends is riding any animal for the first time in his life, and his camel is so stubborn and running away, it's simply hilarious. And it's a great way to go though the desert, feel really uncomfortable, and get connected with those animals with strong personalities.

And many many more

Throat singing show, more food and drinks, old temples, Genghis Khan, meeting people and asking them about their animals fattening, wild horses and rainbows, giant penis statues, rebirth in a womb….

This guest post on top 5 things to do in Mongolia was contributed by avid traveler and Tripper Ann-Sofie. She is originally from Belgium, but grew up in the Arab peninsula, Africa, the Indian Ocean and Eastern Europe before starting to study in Paris and Brighton, UK.

She loves travelling and wouldn't say no to any opportunity to pack her bag to zoom off somewhere! Also learning to fly planes, scuba diving, eating-drinking and science are her other hobbies!

For the moment she is living in Brighton but hope to go some latitudes degrees more south very soon and then fly to Space, the final frontier!

For more Mongolia tips, connect with Ann-Sofie via her blog and her Tripping profile.