Top 5 Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Whether you're looking for a sunny California getaway or an exciting Nevada adventure, you can head to Lake Tahoe and get the best of both! Lake Tahoe takes up space in both states, so you can enjoy all of the outdoorsy California perks and get a little sinful in Nevada on the same trip.

The largest alpine lake in North America divides the area into two parts: North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Each destination has a little bit of all the best things to do in Lake Tahoe, but offers a completely different experience. Stay in a South Lake Tahoe rental if you're looking for a fun-filled vacation and didn't bring a car. North Lake Tahoe is where you want to be if you're looking for a quiet escape from the world. No matter where you choose to stay, North or South, California or Nevada, you're in for a great time in Lake Tahoe, because there are tons of things to do on your trip!

Get out on the Lake

After all, that's how this place got it's name! Fishing is one of the most popular activities on the Lake year round. You can drop a line on the shore, rent a boat or learn some techniques from the pros on one of the Lake Tahoe fishing charters. There are tons of great restaurants in Tahoe, but wouldn't it be rewarding to catch your own dinner? If not, there are plenty of other things to do with that boat, like water skiing and tubing! Many people also enjoy taking out a kayak or stand-up paddle boarding, which turns out to be a fun way to get in your workout on vacation. Those who are avoiding any kind of work all together might be more satisfied sitting beachside all day, sipping cocktails and soaking in the sun!

Hit the Trails

This is a top destination for active travelers, and no matter what season you're visiting, you can take full advantage of the mountains! Tahoe is home to 18 world-class ski resorts, so if you're here during the winter, you'll want to hit the challenging slopes, take a lesson or just get out to enjoy the awesome views. One of the best views in Tahoe is from Heavenly Mountain, but you can't go wrong with a day spent at Northstar, Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows or Homewood Ski Resort either. When the snow melts, take to these same trails on foot or by bike! There are trails for every level of expertise, so whether you want a leisurely hike or a challenging ride, you'll definitely get your fix, and almost everywhere you go you'll be heavily rewarded with an amazing view of the area!

Head to the Casino

Tahoe is no Vegas, but if you play your cards right, you'll definitely still have an unforgettable trip here. Live it up at one of the casinos playing table games and slot machines, dancing the night away at the club, checking out some live music at a concert or pigging out at the buffet. Many of these casinos also have great shopping and spas, and are located right on the lake or near some of the top ski resorts, so there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Wine Her and Dine Her

There are tons of great restaurants in Tahoe, so while you're here, you should definitely take advantage of the fresh seafood, awesome steakhouses and the wide variety of ethnic foods as well. When you're not dining out at a restaurant though, check out the local wineries. Tahoe is just 2 hours from Napa Valley, an area famous for their wines, and the grapes here are just as great! There are vineyards, wine bars and tasting rooms all over Tahoe to try out some local wines and beers!

Get Hitched

Because of the amazing scenery, delicious foods and wines and all the other great things to do in Tahoe, the area is one of the top destinations in the country for a beautiful outdoor wedding. Love is definitely in the air here all year long! People plan their dream weddings in the mountains, on the beach or on a boat and there's practically no place in Tahoe to get married without a beautiful view of the lake or the Sierras. Spend months getting every detail of your big day right, or if the mood strikes while you're on vacation, you wouldn't be the first ones to feel a bit spontaneous and tie the knot right then and there - and the wedding would still be beautiful, elegant and completely unforgettable.

Tahoe is America's #1 year-round lake destination, so whether you're skiing in the mountains or on the lake, relaxing at the spa or living it up in the casino, you won't regret a trip out here!

This article was written by Lizz Riggs, editor of