Top 5 Things to do in Chicago

Sherry Bon Durant, a Tripper from Chicago and freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune shares with us her top recommendations for visitors to the Windy City. 1) Millenium Park is the #1 tourist attraction, in my book, and I never miss taking a guest to it when they come to the Windy City. Millenium Park has it all- beauty, architecture, music and utter uniqueness. There are three spectacular structure within Millenium Park. The Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean, is a wonder for your eyes. It’s a mirrored surface depicting a reflection of the city, and concave underneath, allowing for multi-dimensional photos. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a remarkable structure of stainless steel and a music lover’s dream, as the acoustics are amazing. There are numerous concerts held here throughout the year, all of which are free of charge. The Crown Fountain is composed of two glass brick towers that display individual faces moving and eventually squirting water. pag2) The Architecture River Cruise is something I never grow weary of, as it seems “brand new” every time I take it, because it’s so breathtaking. It makes one really appreciate the history and building designs along the river. It’s a 90-minute boat cruise along the Chicago River that is colorfully narrated by knowledgeable tour guides, and typically runs from May to November. 3) In my opinion, we have the best jazz club in the country. It’s called the Green Mill and it’s located in the Uptown neighborhood. I have listened to the most phenomenal jazz bands here, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the 1940’s, when Al Capone used to be a regular. They also hold a really cool and unique event every Sunday called the Poetry Slam. Even if you aren’t a lover of jazz, you will be after spending an evening at the Green Mill. 4) I prefer going to the top of the John Hancock Observatory over the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower), because it’s in the heart of the tourist area and right near the lakefront. The amazing views extend over four states (Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois), and the elevators will have you up to the 94th floor observatory in seconds flat. The sophisticated Signature Restaurant and Lounge is located on the 95th floor, which will also offer spectacular views from their floor to ceiling windows. An even better way to see those views, for ladies only, is free from the women’s restroom on the 96th floor, but shhh, you didn’t hear that from me. 5) Chicago is well-known for their pizza. While most people want to sink their teeth into that gooey, thick deep dish pizza, I’m all over the crispy thin crust. My favorite pizza joint of all time is Lou Malnati’s. I have a special romance with their cheese and spinach pie. Now here is a big bonus for those of you reading - Lou’s actually ships their pizzas nationwide. So what are you waiting for? Sherry loves living in the exciting city of Chicago and works as a marketing/research coordinator in housing. She is addicted to meeting new people and traveling and loves to write. Check out her Tripping profile.