Top 5 Skiing Destinations for Beginners

The following is a guest post by Jim Bizily, an entrepreneur and owner of Park City Rental Properties.

Skiing is one of the great winter sports enjoyed by many. Whether it's the adventure of traversing picturesque snowy landscapes in Nordic skiing or the thrill of flying down the slopes of a rocky mountain in alpine skiing, there is something for everyone.

However, tackling such activities can be daunting for the first-time skier. If you're willing to try out this exciting pastime, book a trip to any of the five following ski destinations where you can have a fun time learning the basics of skiing.

1. Buttermilk - Aspen

This resort in the famous ski destination of Aspen in rocky Colorado has 21 unobstructed miles of gentle terrain. This makes it one of the best training grounds for newbies who are just getting the hang of skiing. With everyone else in the area getting their first taste, there's no embarrassing yourself no matter how many times you slip up.

2. Killington – Vermont

Up the East Coast in New England is Killington, another good ski resort for beginners with plentiful easy nursery slopes among its 70 miles and six mountain peaks. It also has a Discovery Centre, which is basically a simple tutorial that teaches all the necessary skiing equipment's purposes and shows how each is used through a helpful video.

3. Big White – Canada

The Great White North also provides a great big space for novice skiers in Big White Resort. Its easygoing atmosphere welcomes everybody of every skill level. In fact, 18% of its 118 trails are designed for beginners, and its Ski School offers lessons for kids and adults alike. You can even learn with a friend or a relative in the group programs.

4. Alpe d'Huez – France

Take a trip across the pond to lovely France and visit Alpe d'Huez to ski on wide open nursery slopes. Make use of the four beginner lifts that are totally for free to get to the trails that will suit your abilities. The resort is huge and the facilities are up-to-date, making for a fun adventure even when just going about the area.

5. Soldeu – Andorra

You don't have to worry about getting lost in this premiere European ski resort for rookies, as their ski instructors are some of the best while also being very fluent in English. With two nursery slope areas and the right amount of progressively harder trails, you'll be skiing with the best of them in no time.

So which of these places are you planning to visit for your first attempt at skiing? Let your fellow readers know by posting a comment below.

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