Top 5 Local Things to Do and See in London

Urban Adventures is all about experiencing cities like a local. One of our favourite cities, London, is also one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, so it's easy to get lost amongst the big attractions. Here are our top 5 recommendations for local things to do and see in London.

Visit the Markets

London's markets are vibrant, exciting, and full of locals. Whether you're looking for food, antiques, crafts, or clothes, one of London's many markets will be sure to suit your needs. We're partial to Camden, Spitalfields, Leadenhall, and Borough Markets, all of which we visit on our tours. Talk to local vendors and find out what's best at the moment. If the weather's nice, grab some local cheese (we recommend Neal's Yard Dairy near Borough Market), and some other fresh fare, and have yourself a nice picnic nearby!

[caption id="attachment_5430" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Camden Market"][/caption]

Pub Quizzes

Pub Quizzes are legendary in the UK, and most pubs in London will have a quiz night. Every pub's varies, but some offer points for creative team names, and all dole out points for ridiculously obscure knowledge. Grab some mates, order some pints, and put your random facts bank to the test.

Grab a Curry

Curries are everywhere in the UK – sometimes they're even more

common than fish and chips! The East End's Brick Lane is famous

for its curry houses, and for good reason. Some of the best curry in

England can be found in Brick Lane, so no matter which of the dozens of

restaurants you choose, you'll be a happy curry eater nestled amongst


Find the Music

London's music scene is as diverse as its population, with bands and

artists from all genres and all countries finding a niche in the city. Forget

the big names, big lights, and big arenas, it's the small local venues you

want. Intimate clubs, pubs, and lounges host every type of musical act,

including some fairly well known artists, making for some really unique,

local gigs. Camden is a great area to start, which is home to some

excellent venues as well as some laid-back, popular piano bars if that's

more your scene.

Walk,Walk, Walk

Despite its size, London is an extremely walkable city, and walking is the

best way to see everything you possibly want to see. As long as you have

good shoes and a solid map, you'll be able to meander with the best of

Londoners, ducking into local shops, sampling English fare (pasties and

cheese and pints!), and hit all the iconic stops along the way.

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