#TNI: The Morning After

This is a guest post from our Travelers' Night In Recapper Lauren, AKA WanderLoz. What's #TNI? It's a gathering of travelers on Twitter- click here to learn more or look below to read our favorite tweets from last night's discussion. -Grahame "Cruises"

photo from travlersbarista Last week was all about the best food, drinks, and entertainment. This week was all about the best food, drinks, and entertainment... ON A BOAT! Whether you're a frequent cruiser or a "cruise virgin," this week's #TNI had a lot to offer the traveling world.page The Pre-Party: The More the Merrier Every week #TNI's attendance grows with new enthusiastic and engaging travelers. Like the Tripping Community, #TNI is stronger in numbers. Below are some newbies who joined the party this week. Please welcome them warmly so they will return! Reply a hello, kindly retweet, follow and/or list them. You obviously have something in common: locationSCOUTED, w2nmag, TrailRidge, itchyfeet_kg The Party: Discussion Cruises are definitely their own category when it comes to travel. It may not be for everyone, but leave it to #TNI-ers to have their opinions. For someone who has never been on a cruise before, I feel very enlightened after last night's shindig. Despite the uniqueness of cruises, choosing one prompts concerns as any form of travel. Where to?!

MeetonCruise: West Caribbean on Carnival - awesome diving in Cozumel & met some incredible ppl (still in touch). Oh & it was spring break :)

gtrot: Cruise to Antarctica because it was like going to another planet- no people for miles, beautiful wildife + good food!

MalaysiaAsia: My best cruise has to be Viking Line from Helsinki to Sweden.. Memories.. Ahh Those who know of this will know why...

McMedia: 1st time I went to Europe was on a cruise.. A great way to see everything & get ideas for your next trip

EAT. Sleep. Play!

photo from GetPackedTravel

roniweiss: Some of the best food I've ever had was on cruise ships. It's enough to really make you feel guilty and overrich, at points.

groundedtravelr: another good thing about small boats, single meal times with reasonable portions of usually local style food.

photo from coreyann

travelerkate: I think it's SeaDream that lets you sleep under the stars in their Bali Beds... that would be a fav

travelpology: Also splurge for a window room. Inside cabins are claustrophobic and dark.

photo from travlersbarista

GlobalBasecamps: Best part of a cruise? Why shuffle board & ice sculptures of course! ;)

shipsandtrips: It's funny - my worst cruise was still a BLAST! Small room+old ship+mediocre food... Wouldn't trade it for the best real world day!

Tips and Tidbits

nctaylor: you will always get ripped by a third party booker RE: tour or cruise. I used to be a travel agent -- it's about margin

glutenfreewife: Tip your crew and talk to them, they're on that boat for 6+ months at a time, usually working 16-18 hour days.

FlyingPhotog: If you're prone to motion sickness, get a room on a lower deck in the middle of the ship.

coqui2008: check local blogs will often have great info on excursions for ships in port ;)

The After-Party: Celebrations, Connections, and Cheers! Like all good parties, the doors of #TNI stay open long after the scheduled end time. This week's after-party continued in the "cruisey" mindset- overindulgence, responsibility negligence, and carefree attitude all inclusive.

TransAmericas: SWEET, we'll bring beer RT @traveldudes My catamaran is huuuge! Always a bed for you! It's still a dream cruise, but I'm enjoying it! :)

Alouise_D: Best part of school? My break on Thursdays just happens to coincide with #TNI

IntoxAbroad: I hope my employer doesn't find out how much time I spend on #TNI every thursday.

BeehiveBlog: #tni is my new addiction lol

Here's To The Hosts! If anyone knows the invaluable importance of a good host, it's a Tripper. Like a successful trip, behind any successful event is a fabulous host, or in #TNI's case, fabulous hostesses! This party would not be possible without the ladies from Zip Set Go. Thank you ZipSetRachel, ZipSetAndrea, GoApril, and GoSaraBeth! And cheers to this week's co-hosts: traveldudes, Gadling, TravelDesigned, theexplorateur, CruiseBuzz. Next Week's #TNI: "Wonders of the World" Join us for #TNI on Twitter next week at 3:30 PM EST on Thursday, September 16th. Hope to see you there! -Lauren