#TNI: The Morning After

This is a guest post from our Travelers' Night In Recapper Lauren, AKA WanderLoz. What's #TNi? It's a gathering of travelers on Twitter- click here to learn more or look below to read our favorite tweets from last night's discussion. -Grahame

"Great Britain"

I often feel dazed and confused after a Travelers' Night In; my head whirling with thoughts of where to? or when? or how much? The morning after I find myself in a fog of overwhelming wanderlust while I recap the previous night's goings on. At least this week I was forced to focus on one particular destination. Unfortunately, this did not curb the wanderlust as it is a place I love and to which I'm always planning a return visit. The Pre-Party: The More the Merrierpagebrea Every week #TNI's attendance grows with new enthusiastic and engaging travelers. Like the Tripping Community, #TNI is stronger in numbers. Thanks to all the newbies who joined the party this week! Please welcome them warmly so they will return. Reply a hello, kindly retweet, follow and/or list them. You obviously have something in common: Creative_Shift, gobyWest, herbfarmacy, macbethphoto, pictheplanet, roamingboomers, KDVoyce, sfdo, MagellanPR, karenbryan. The Party: Discussion The hashtag didn't lie this week. I #LoveUK and so do many of you #TNI folk. So much has come out of this small pinpoint on the globe; from vibrant cities to breathtaking countrysides, from ancient landmarks to mass transits, from pop culture to royalty. What do you think of when you think UK? The Talent

BestLovedHotels: Music: Eric Clapton. Comedy: Stephen Fry. Film: Sean Connery. Politics: Tony Blair. Business: Alan Sugar.

BridalTravelGuy: Which British celeb do you want to have a pint with? Simon Cowell... Just to be his wingman!

ConciergeQ: Waited for & met John Malkovich after his performance of 'Burn This' in London! tee-hee!

Gadling: Geri Haliwell aka Ginger Spice. Back in the day she was my idol.

whereisyvette: Seriously tho, BILL BRYSON! Met him once and I suspect a pint w him would be beyond amazing...

The Scenery

travelcanucks: The classic London shot in the evening!

EpsteinTravels: I also love the scenery of the Cotswolds.

groundedtravelr: Highlands of Scotland.

McMedia: The closest I've come to a beautiful English Castle is my Desktop Screensaver.

The Unique Experience!

norakl: Guard at London Tower told me to "quit yer yapping, woman" because I was giving mom a hard time. Twas brilliant!

WhyGoLondon: I'll never forget standing on the windy cliffs of Dover, staring out to the indigo sea.

ZipSetAndrea: Les Mis, last minute ticket, 5th row, by myself...Awesome

CravenTravels: Flew from US for Prince Charles & Princess Diana's wedding, London was crazy!

mobilelawyer: Playing St. Andrews for the first time. The Home of Golf.

Tips and Tidbits

pamstucky: Orkney Islands (Scotland) - An otherworldly experience! Felt like I traveled back in time! Must see!

SEASunDodger: Get thee an oyster card. Best time an money saver, pound for pound.

TravelDesigned: London Pass can save SERIOUS MONEY and so can the Heritage Passes if you are doing a lot of sightseeing.

CygnetUpdates: University dorms in London are available for tourists in summer - convenient, better than most hostels.

_ink_mama: Drink stout beer to fill you up quicker!

The After-Party: Celebrations, Connections, & Cheers Like all good parties, the doors of #TNI stay open long after the scheduled end time. This week the chatter was around the usual love/hate relationship with #TNI. Of course I imagine these after-party tweets in Brittish accents. Here's a little taste of what happened after Q10:

JABtravels: Blast. Missed #TNI. I was packing to go to the UK. Oh the irony.

carmenlroberts: Phew! Don't take this the wrong way, but glad #TNI is over. Now I can actually get back to work! :)

Vagabond3Live: Thanks for a great #TNI, as always- I'm ready to pack my bags and travel.

BridalTravelGuy: I've created the 1st-ever #TNI rehab center. We help those addicted and find help finding them new jobs.

Here's to the Hosts! If anyone knows the invaluable importance of a good host, it's a Tripper. Like a successful trip, behind any successful event is a fabulous host, or in #TNI's case, fabulous hostesses! This party would not be possible without the ladies from Zip Set Go. Thank you ZipSetRachel, ZipSetAndrea, GoApril, and GoSaraBeth! And cheers to this week's co-hosts: visitbritain, Gadling, travelblggr, LandLopers, TravelDesigned Next Week's #TNI: "South East Asia" Join us for #TNI on Twitter next week at 3:30 PM EST on Thursday, October 14th. Hope to see you there! -Lauren