Sometimes, you just need a break in the middle of winter. Whether it's too cold at home or you'd simply enjoy a change of scene, February is a great time to plan a trip to another part of the world. It's less crowded than in the peak tourist season, meaning that you'll get a chance to see other places with a more authentic view. You'll come home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and inspired.

Visit These 8 Beautiful Places In The World This February

1. Paris

Brisk and cool, February in Paris is the glorious prelude to spring. February is a low season for tourists, but is also perfect for Valentine’s Day. There are low prices for flights and accommodation because it hasn’t reached the iconic spring weather yet. The famous Louvre museum is a must-see in Paris, but can be enjoyed mob-free in February. Enjoy the hearty cuisine while it’s cold outside, and enjoy roaring fireplaces from some of the restaurants.

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2. Aspen

Aspen is still as snowy as ever during February, but the Christmas crowds have thinned. Roll with the winter weather, and take advantage of the slightly less crowded slopes. Fresh snow will still be falling, and by late February the prices will have dropped. Curl up in a cosy cabin in Aspen!

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3. Honolulu

Hawaii is a good time all year round, but accommodation in February can be cheap and cheerful. The hotels cut their prices to attract tourists, and the warm weather will help you de-thaw. Even though there might still be some rain, it won't rain on your parade as the beach weather is still dreamy. February is the peak of the humpback whale season, so is actually the perfect time to whale watch. Check out these fun things to do in Honolulu for a little inspiration - you might even want to visit a spa or two.

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4. New Orleans

Hit New Orleans for Mardi Gras and comfortable warm weather in February. The city is a riot of color and festivities, with parades and crowds filling the streets. February is one of the most popular times to visit because of Mardi Gras, but the festival is well worth it. Book a few months ahead of time to ensure the best hotels and prices for this iconic experience.

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5. Quebec

Embrace the cold in icy Quebec, where the peak winter crowds start to thin in February. February means better prices and fewer tourists for the Quebecois. This time of year is also maple syrup season, giving you the classic Canadian experience. Enjoy the sparkling snow at this French-speaking city, and the long awaited Winter Carnival.

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6. Phoenix

Arizona’s dry heat makes for a nice change from the February weather elsewhere. Phoenix is warmer in February than the previous winter months, with its western feel. Revel in this South-West state, with the desert, the cacti, and the Mexican cuisine sending you right into Spring.

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7. Venice

Italy in February can be fairly chilly, but with some sun. The blue skies are mirrored by the cool water, and the off-season definitely has fewer tourists. Explore the many art museums without the crowds, or admire the many canals in the water-logged city. St Mark’s basilica is un-characteristically quiet in February, making it gloriously eery.

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8. Sydney

With the seasons reversed, February is summertime in Sydney. This time of the year is of course peak tourist season, but all the better for it. Enjoy the amazing Australian heat, and cool off at the beaches. This is one of the more expensive times of the year to visit, but the warmth is worth it. Spend your days laying out at the bustling Bondi Beach, or walking the Sydney Harbour.

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This article was written by Clara Hudson.