You can't beat Boston if you're looking for Boston cream pie. These five Boston bakeries serve up the best, creamiest Boston cream pie in town (and let's be real, probably in the whole country). Take an afternoon break for a slice, or buy a full cake to share with your friends. We recommend carving out time in your day to visit more than one bakery -- it's just that good.

Try Boston Cream Pie At These 5 Boston Bakeries

Image credit: Francisco Seoane Perez/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Flour Bakery

As the name suggests, Flour Bakery are pros when it comes to baking and rising delicious cakes. Their renowned pastry chef makes an incredible Boston cream pie, one of their best sellers. Buy a piece by the slice, or go with your gut and buy a full cake in a variety of sizes. The sponge cake is soaked in coffee, filled with vanilla cream, and topped with chocolate ganache. Flour has eight locations around Boston and Cambridge!

Address: 1595 Washington St, Boston

2. Legal Sea Foods

Nothing is more New England than Legal Sea Foods, except perhaps for ordering Boston cream pie while you’re there. Their version of the classic desert had rum caramel sauce and toffee almond crunch added to the cake, and at one location you can get the entire slice drenched in chocolate sauce. After enjoying some of the best fish around, top off your meal with Boston’s most iconic desert!

Address: 100 Huntington Ave, Boston

3. Union Square Donuts

Probably the most popular donut shop in Boston, bar Dunkin Donuts itself, Union Square is known for the best donuts around. Their most in-demand donut is probably the Boston cream pie flavor, with a vanilla center and dark Belgian chocolate on top. Though not technically in Boston, Somerville is right across the river, and worth the trip. While maple bacon, sea-salted bourbon caramel, and brown butter hazelnut crunch are also on the menu — the Boston cream pie is like no other.

Address: 20 Bow St, Boston

4. Mike’s Pastry

In Boston’s Italian district, the North End, Mike’s Pastry is practically a tourist attraction in itself. On summer nights, the line can be seen well outside of the door, but don’t be fooled — it does move quickly. Mike’s is known for its cannoli’s, but is still one of the best places to grab some Boston cream pie. This classic cake is completely satisfying, with chocolate fudge and pastry cream.

Address: 300 Hanover St, Boston

5. Modern Pastry Shop

Modern Pastry has long had a rivalry with the ever-popular Mike’s Pastry on the same street, but the treats are just as good — especially the Boston cream pie. Modern Pastry even has Boston cream pie cupcakes for if you’re on the go. The cupcake has chocolate ganache on top of the classic vanilla cream and sponge. You can also get a full cake there if you pre-order it — you won’t be sorry.

Address: 263 Hanover St, Boston

Hero image credit: Edward Kimber/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

This article was written by Clara Hudson.