The Time My Co-Workers Stole My Bike and Sold It

In most offices, a lunch break means it's time to eat. Our office is a little different. At Tripping (at least on this day) we like to play pranks on our co-founder Nate.

We thought the prank hilarious. Nate did not. You decide.

Back story: Nate had his bike stolen not long ago and had just managed to buy a replacement.

The first order of mischief: Copy the key to Nate's bike lock. Check.

Then get some accomplices: We went down to the nice people at the nearby bicycle shop and asked them if we could put our colleague's bike in the window with a 'For Sale' sign. Check.

Set up the scene: Katy unlocked Nate's bike, preparing it for other team members to abscond with it. Yes we used "abscond."

Send out an advance team: Jeff and Bianca, our team members visiting from New York were our paparazzi. After taking Nate's bike, they set it up in the storefront. Now they wait inside for Nate to walk past and 'find' his bike.

Put on your most convincing performance: Miss Katy, the stage is yours.

Katy: "Nate, did you leave your bike outside? " She peers out the window. "I don't see it."

Nate figures there's no way his bike got stolen for the second time in a short period. No way.

Katy: "Okay Nate, but I seriously think your bike is gone."

Here we go! Nate and Katy go outside where Nate had left his bike. It is gone. Vanished.

Nate is not a happy camper. He starts walking down the street, looking for evidence.

Aha! He spots it right in the front window of a nearby bike shop. It's for sale!?!

Nate goes into the store and questions the employees. They claim a short man brought it in and sold it to them but are rather vague on the details of the 'transaction.'

Before Nate realizes that the situation is just too weird, the others can't hold it in any longer and just burst into laughter.

The video of what happened next - which may or may not exist - is too blurry to share. But the last photos show Nate laughing along and leaving the shop in good humor.

But we can share this: We have new friends at our neighborhood bike shop. All of us thought our workday was extra awesome (except Nate). And Nate will have his revenge. ;)

- Anis