The Strangest Places on Earth

The Earth is a very big place, and intriguingly strange landmarks are all over the place. You may have been to the pyramids or Machu Pichu, but crazy man-made landscapes are still being created. Over at MatadorTrips they have a great photo essay of the Most Alien Human Made Landscapes on Earth. Here are some of our favorite alien-like photos: These places are not as famous as many of the tourist attractions that most travelers are drawn to, and some of them will require snowshoes or a long hike to reach, but if these photos are to be believed then they are well worth it! Locals will know how to reach the coolest places in each area, however, which is why staying with locals through Tripping is so great. So check it out - maybe one of them will take you to the Libyan crop-circles or el Rio Tinto in Spain. -Grahame