The Secret to a Successful Carry On: Top 3 Brands for 2014

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you need a carry on that suits your needs. The ideal carry on is easy to maneuver, offers substantial room on the inside and yet is compact enough to fit in an overhead compartment. This year, luggage companies are releasing new models that have been designed around the changing needs of travelers. Without further adieu, here are my favorite luggage designs for 2014:

Hard Shell Protection

The Atlantic Lumina Hardside Spinner series brings a satin texture to hard shell luggage. In addition to being stylish, it is also extremely useful for your long flights and layovers. It offers a dual wheel spinning system as well as an expandable packing compartment, all protected by a hardshell case to keep your valuables safe and protected during your entire trip.

Tie Down Straps

The Helium Sky gives your valuables the security you desire when travelling. With tie down straps, as well as zipper and show pockets, you can arrive to your destination with your items just how you left them. The swivel wheels give you ease in mobility and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry.


Extra Padding and Protection

The Bristol- 2 combines the durability you desire with the cushion you need. The pockets can expand up to 1.5” and extra padding protects your electronics. These extra front pockets make it easy to access your boarding passes, passports, and other travel documents.

Readers, what’s your favorite carry on luggage brand?

This blog post was written by Miriam Vaught, Tripping blogger.