The More, The Merrier - Collaborative Consumption

Over the last few years, a new movement has emerged that is changing the way people connect and consume – both at home and on the road. Thanks to technology and the Internet, you can now borrow a bike to explore the French countryside, hitch a ride to New York City from Boston and find a place to stay in Buenos Aires – for free. It’s pretty cool and kind of like being part of a global community of neighbors! Known as "Collaborative Consumption," this new movement is incredibly exciting - especially for travelers looking to stretch budgets and make new friends as they venture around the globe. Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers really capture the essence of this movement in their book, What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption:

The collaboration at the heart of Collaborative Consumption may be local and face-to-face, or it may use the Internet to connect, combine, form groups, and find something or someone to create “many to many” peer-to-peer interactions. Simply put, people are sharing again with their community—be it an office, a neighborhood, an apartment building, a school, or a Facebook network. But the sharing and collaboration are happening in ways and at a scale never before possible, creating a culture and economy of what’s mine is yours.

At Tripping, we strongly believe that this movement has the power to push the world forward. With similar principles in mind, we built Tripping to bring value to the world by bringing people together - safely and meaningfully - to share their knowledge, time and space. Tripping relies on the generosity of local hosts, who give their time, energy and spare beds to visiting Trippers. And Trippers, in turn, get a chance to return that generosity by helping with the dishes, bringing a bottle of wine and hosting other travelers once they return home. For something that has nothing to do with money, you're going to feel very rich here in our thriving collaborative community.
Oh and if you need a place to crash when you come to San Francisco or New York... just let us know! -Bianca