It was the British who started producing tea commercially in India. Vast tracts of land was converted into tea plantations laying the foundation of mass production of tea. The lush greenery and heady aroma spread by the tea plants attracted several tourists. Thus, the towns and cities in the vicinity of these tea estates have become popular tourist destinations.

You have two industries growing in and around these homesteads. People from far and wide visit these places for their vacation or honeymoon. Why not book tickets to one of these and have some remarkable experience amidst the realms of nature. Isn’t visiting one of them a must then.

Taste The Tea In These Places In India

1. Assam

Photo by Akarsh Simha, CC BY-SA 2.0

Assam in northeast India has a close association with nature you can say. This region is the largest producer of tea in India what with huge tea plantations like Jorhat Tea Bungalows, Addabarie Tea Estate, Gatoonga Tea Estate and so on spread across the state. Visiting a tea factory you can know how the Assam Tea is made from tea leaves after being plucked from the garden. You can take pleasure in tasting different kinds of teas that are manufactured here too. It will be refreshing to stroll amidst the verdant greenery and sniffing the sweet fragrance emanating from the tea plants.


2. Assam

Photo by shankar s, CC BY 2.0

One of the best-known tea is Darjeeling tea which comes from the different plantations of Darjeeling in west Bengal. Some of the well-known tea plantations of this town are Happy Valley Tea Estate, Cooch Behar Tea Estate, and and Glenburn Tea Estate. Balance of flavours and fine taste is the highlight of Darjeeling tea. Apart from being a tea producer Darjeeling is also a hill station. It is a good pastime for the tourists to visit some of the estates here and relish the stunning views of the emerald green tea plants with the Himalayas in the backdrop sipping a good cup of tea.


3. Assam

Photo by Bikash Das, CC BY 2.0

Another region that is famous for the production of tea is the Nilgiris. Ooty, Conoor, Kotagiri and so on are the small towns that house several tea plantations. Visiting the tea estates by the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train will be fun especially if the kids are accompanying you on this tour of the Nilgiris. Taking a tour at a local tea factory and sample a little of the intense aromatic and distinct dark tea either at Tranquili Tea Lounge or Singara Tea Estate in Conoor will be delightful. Picnicking in the midst of the flourishing greenery setting of the plantations would really be rejuvenating.


4. Assam

Photo by Rajib Ghosh, CC BY 2.0

Kerala is known for its scenic beauty and a large producer of spices is also a producer of tea, albeit to a small extent. The highest tea plantations are nestled here in slopes of The Western Ghat. You find a number of tea estates in and around Munnar as well as Wyanad in Kerala. Don’t miss to stopover at the-one of its kind-tea museum at Munnar during your visit here. Trek along the tea trails of Wyanad inhaling the sweet scent of the blossoming tea plants. The tea tour is really going to be thrilling.


5. Assam

Photo by CIAT, CC BY-SA 2.0

The state of Himachal Pradesh is known for various things like Buddhist Monasteries, lovely hill stations, thrilling adventure sports like trekking and skiing and a lot more. This state also is home to some of the best tea estates the famous family owned one is the Darang Tea Estate. During your visit to this plantation you can stay at one of the cottages here that are serenaded by the rippling sound of the streams and have the resplendent view of the mighty Himalayas and enjoy the solitude of the place. If this is not revitalizing, then what is.


Always visiting beaches and well known places may rob you of the thrill of going places. For a change try visiting some tea plantations and see what difference it makes to your mood.

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