New York City is known for a lot of different unique things, including their rich culture in music. One of their most popular music genres is Jazz. Jazz was introduced to New York City back in 1915 when the “jazz age” really started and became very popular. Still today, New York City has a huge jazz influences in several of their neighborhoods. You can find a plethora of clubs and bars that really focus on their jazz music.

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Visit These 8 Incredible Jazz Clubs In New York City

1. Birdland

Located in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, Birdland will light up your life, just like the famous Times Square. A lot of famous musicians play at this club, so be sure to check the list of their upcoming performances in advance. Cover ranges from $20 to $35, and the club is located on 315 W 44th Street. Also, every Sunday night they feature special jazz guest. They can range from local to international superstars. You cannot miss out on Birdland.


2. The Iridium

Located in Midtown, The Iridium is very upscale and hard to get into. This club is known for their class acts, and famous musicians from all over the world. It has been a hot spot for over 20 years, and they just recently just renovated their club costing them over $150,000. It also doubles as a concert venue, so you know they bring in the best of the best. The Iridium is located at 1650 Broadway. Make sure you check if tickets are needed before making your way to The Iridium.

3. Smalls

Located in West Village, this club has a very unique feel, like a small basement. It’s comforting and people flood in because of their rich taste in specific jazz music. Smalls is known for their speakeasy feel, and their more modern, up to date jazz music. It’s popular for the millennials to say the least.


4. ShapeShifter Lab

Located in Gowanus, this experimental jazz club is home to newcomers. During the day you’ll find artest here practicing their jazz, getting ready for their first big break. As soon as the sun sets, you’ll find new music that no one has ever heard. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking to try something new, especially because you’ll be in the presence of future famous musicians.

5. The Blue Note

Located in Greenwich Village, this club is known as the “jazz capital of the world.” The best of the best play here, and there isn't one night that you could go that won't entertain you. If you go on a Sunday you can enjoy brunch and jazz, it’s a win win!


6. Vodou Bar

Located at Halsey Street, this club is actually known for their DJ style music, and crazy weekend nights. But they’re a hidden gem because they bring in the best live jazz bands from time to time. You just have to keep updated on their schedules. It’s very authentic, and the locals like to call this place home. Check out their website to see what is coming up next. It’s always a great night when they turn a popular disco club into a relaxing jazz club.

7. Village Vanguard

This club is unique because it has never been renovated. Located on 178 7th Ave, this jazz club is in the basement of a very old building. Village Vanguard is actually one of the top places jazz musicians inspire to play one day. Here you will see the best of the best, in a great atmosphere. Make sure you check out who will be in town next before you go.


8. The Fifth Estate

Located at 506 5th Ave, this jazz club is the equivalent to an open mic night. Artiest can go up on stage to perform their own music, or play some of their favorites. There are always drink specials, and recoverable cover. It’s said to be very chill, and low key, a great place to relax and detox from the long work week. It will definitely be a new experience, these type of jazz clubs are hard to find!

This article was written by Kevin Burrows.