Whether you live in Miami or are visiting, taking your dog for a walk is a great excuse to explore new, beautiful parts of the city that you may not have been to before. We put together this list of eight parks and trails that you can spend time on with your dog. Make sure to bring a camera!

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Take Your Dog For A Walk In These 8 Places In Miami

1. Amelia Earhart Park

This dog-friendly park is 500 acres, with everything you and your dog could possibly want to explore. See scenic lake views, and even a farm! Walk around with your best friend, with paved paths or the “Bark Park” for a doggy playground. The Bark park has five acres where your dog can roam without a leash.

2. South Dade Trail

This dog-friendly trail allows you to bring your best pal with you on a hike. This unique trail was once a railway corridor, so the long stretch of land is completely scenic. You may not be able to bring your dog on a long train ride, but this alternative is even better. Enjoy getting deep into nature along the train tracks.

3. South Pointe Park

At Miami Beach, South Pointe Park looks out onto the bay and Fisher Island — take in those views with your pup! The park is expansive, with an off-leash area for your dogs to roam free. With no gate though, you’ll want to keep an eye on them!

4. North Shore Open Space Park

Another park at Miami Beach, North Shore at North Beach is a great dog-friendly park. The park is connected to the beach, where dogs aren’t allowed, but there are sandy trails where you can walk them. A dog park lets the dogs play together, with a special paved track so you can walk your dog peacefully.

5. Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park is as excessive as its name, with tennis courts and swimming pools. However, the best part about Flamingo Park is its dog park where you can spend the day with your best buddy. Spend some quality time together in a beautiful location.

6. Kennedy Park

Right by the bay, Kennedy Park allows you and your dog to get up close to the salt and sand. Walk along the waterfront and enjoy the beauty of Miami. There are also two fenced areas specifically for dogs to play, where you can lay out in the sun.

7. Tropical Bark Park

Treat your dog to a day at the Tropical Bark Park, where they can run around play areas designed with dogs in mind. Your dog will feel comfortable with play areas for larger and smaller animals.

8. Hobie Beach

Relax by the sea and sand at Hobie Beach, where you can bring your dog for swimming and playtime. Peaceful and scenic, you’ll find a few dogs and their owners playing on the beach and enjoying the freedom.

This article was written by Clara Hudson.