Is there really a way to thank mom for everything she's done for you? She gave you life for Pete's sake! Treating her to a day of rest and relaxation is a good start. There are amazing spas all across the country that will make mom feel like a queen. Throw in a bouquet of flowers and you're sure to be crowned the favorite child.

Treat Your Mother To These Spas For Mother's Day This Year

1. Ten Thousand Waves Spa - Sante Fe, NM

A visit to Ten Thousand Waves is better than traveling to Japan. This tranquil spa modeled after a Japanese onsen is sheer beauty and magic and looks so perfect that it should be a movie set. Ten Thousand Waves is found on a winding mountain road and has private and communal tubs tucked among piñon trees. Go for a soak or any of the traditional spa services, but if you really want to treat mom, book her one of the 13 peaceful cottages outfitted with Japanese-style beds, serene shoji-screen room dividers, and soft ambient lighting. Some cottages even have full kitchens, flat screen tv's, and fireplaces.

Sante Fe, NM

2. Golden Door - Sante Fe, NM

The Golden Door is more than just a spa, it's an experience. Guests will tend to their bodies, minds and spirits and leave centered and empowered. Stroll Roji, simple rustic gardens and share a cup of tea with others, or enjoy nature in solitude in tsubo-niwa, the courtyard gardens. These Japanese gardens will feed the soul as the culinary gardens will feed the body. Golden Door grows fresh vegetables, fruits, and has a grove of olive trees. There are also trails to hike, mountains to climb, and breathtaking views to discover over more than 600 acres.

Sante Fe, NM

3. Lake Austin Spa Resort - Sante Fe, NM

Lake Austin Spa Resort has been a favorite for both locals and celebrities looking for a relaxing escape. This sprawling resort has nineteen waterfront acres with everything you could ever wish for. There are hundreds of classes to choose from including fitness, cooking, and gardening, and of course spa treatments. It's a little bit of a splurge, but mom will thank you and thank you. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Sante Fe, NM

4. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa - Sante Fe, NM

Arizona has quite a few luxurious resorts to choose from, but Miraval Resort & Spa stands out way above the rest. It has an all-inclusive nightly rate that includes some spa treatments and loads of activities from dance fusion to cocktail and cooking classes to Pilates. Add the fact that Southern Arizona is sunny almost all year, your mom is sure to leave Miraval balanced and rejuvinated. This curative sanctuary is all about wellness. The best part? getting a spa treatment in the botanical garden shaded by Palo Verde trees. Or maybe the deep soaking tubs overlooking the Sonoran desert. It's hard to decide.

Sante Fe, NM

5. Westglow Resort & Spa - Sante Fe, NM

Nestled in the sleepy Blue Ridge Mountains, Westglow has an outstanding 360-degree view that includes the scene parkway. This resort has an extensive list of fitness and wellness classes like guided hikes, tai chi, tennis, and even a dedicated Life Enrichment Center. The amenities aren't half bad either. Westglow has an indoor swimming pool, whirlpools, a steam room, saunas, a cardiovascular center, weight room, tennis court, and fitness center. Get your mom the resort package which includes a 1-hour spa treatment per night of stay and three gourmet meals at Rowland's Restaurant. The entire menu is indulgent yet health conscious and will leave your mom glowing inside and out.

Sante Fe, NM

6. Lodge at Woodloch - Sante Fe, NM

Send mom on a true retreat at the lakeside Lodge at Woodloch. The resort is tucked away in the Pocono Mountains, only two hours northwest of New York City, but she'll feel worlds away. This all-inclusive resort boasts more than 400 woodland acres and a 15-acre private lake. Mom will enjoy hatha yoga sessions, rounds of golf and wine tasting as well as the fireplace in the quiet room and the hydromassage pools. There's a large emphasis on health and wellness with complimentary yoga classes including "The Great Wall of Yoga," and "Chakra Yoga."

Sante Fe, NM

7. Red Mountain Resort & Spa - Sante Fe, NM

Deep in southwestern Utah's Grand Circle area, amongst red-rock cliffs and majestic canyons is Red Mountain Resort & Spa. This secluded holistic spa is located on 55 acres of deep crimson desert filled with aromatic mesquite trees and features treatments such as the Canyon Warm Stone Massage, which incorporates indigenous rocks and local herbs. The resort is health-minded, but visitors easily forget that the hotel restaurant entrees come in at under 500 calories. Some popular dishes are the prickly-pear BBQ pork loin and jerk-seasoned roasted quail. Mom will love the satiating, southwestern flavors.

Sante Fe, NM

This article was written by Lauren Gaw.