Whether Cape Town is your only destination, or you're visiting as part of a road trip through South Africa, why not put a delightful afternoon tea in your itinerary? Check out these six unique places in Cape Town where you can enjoy a cup of tea before continuing on with your day.

your only destinationyour only destination

Enjoy Afternoon Tea In These 6 Cape Town Spots

1. Nigiro Tea Merchants

This place has a great story behind it, so grab a cup of your favorite tea and settle in. The shop was founded by two men, one from Taiwan who moved to South Africa to become a Civil Engineer and one from Canada whose trip to Egypt was derailed by a terrorist attach and so was led to Cape Town. The men met first in 2007 at their children’s school fair, while one was selling dumplings and the other selling coffee. After getting to know each other, they decided they both shared the passion for creating culture of tea appreciation in South Africa, and the rest is history. At Nigiro, you can enjoy freshly brewed loose leaf tea in their calming tea garden, enjoy dim sum in their “tea cafe”, or take part in a tea tasting where you’ll choose between 350 teas and blends. This place is quickly becoming the go-to spot in Cape Town, so definitely check it out!

2. Cape Grace Hotel

Situated on a gorgeous waterfront, Afternoon Tea in the Library at Cape Grace Hotel will have you feeling like you’re living in luxury. Imagine yourself sipping on pure Highland Rooibos, grown wild in the high altitude of the Cedarberg Mountains, looking out at the yacht marina. Even more, the option of adding a glass sparkling wine to your afternoon is available. Cape Grace Hotel also offers a food selection of finger sandwiches, desserts, and handmade cakes. Indulge in an afternoon at Cape Grace Hotel and savor your high tea while enjoying the view.

3. Lady Bonin

If you’re looking for something outside the norm, why not try Lady Bonin, a traveling baby blue caravan that serves up over 20 different kinds of loose leaf teas? You can find the caravan at festivals and events all over Cape Town, and farmer’s markets, too. You’ll be surprised how much goodness can come out of such a small shop; Lady Bonin not only serves fresh daily blends of tea, it also offers cupcakes and other delicious snacks to go along with your cup of tea. Find this caravan and enjoy your high tea outdoors surrounded by the natural beauty of Cape Town.

4. Mount Nelson Hotel

If you’ve ever pictured yourself in a lavish tea room with fancy furniture, artfully crafted sweets, and a gorgeous outdoor setting, you might want to check out Mount Nelson Hotel. This place is well known for its high tea and for good reason. From their own garden, Mount Nelson uses rose petals in one of their signature tea blends. Their outdoor terrace overlooks a garden fountain surrounded by other high tea drinkers lounging in chairs on lush, green lawn. The sweet treats available range from “melktert”, a typical South African milk tart, to dark chocolate cake and lemon meringue. Enjoy a nice, warm, sunny day outside sipping on high tea and taking in the garden scenery at Mount Nelson.

5. Rhodes Memorial Restaurant

Enjoy high tea on the northern slope of Table Mountain and be treated to a view of the Cape Flats below! The Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and Tea Garden is in a truly unique location, as its vantage point offers the only panoramic view of the Cape Flats and mountain ranges, but also is one of the very few places where both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans can be seen. “Tea at the Rhodes” as it’s affectionately called, offers a seasonal food menu, renowned cakes and desserts, and a selection of teas, of course. Make a stop here and experience high tea in this heavenly environment.

6. Lady Anne Barnard’s Afternoon Tea at the Vineyard Hotel

Beautifully manicured and landscaped gardens are the backdrop to your high tea when you visit the Vineyard Hotel. Their outdoor seating and umbrella-covered table make the perfect setting for your afternoon as you enjoy vegetable spring rolls, and beef samosas before heading into a dessert of blueberry cheesecake and raspberry macaroons. In the background, Table Mountain has a dominating presence, and you’ll be close enough to get a good look at it when you sip on high tea at Lady Anne Barnard’s Afternoon Tea.

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.