North Carolina gets hot in the summer, and sometimes you just need a break. These six public pools are perfect places for you and your family to cool off without breaking the bank. So if on the next hot summer day, you find yourself in these six places, make sure to stop at the pool for a fun swim.

Go Swimming At These 6 Public Pools In North Carolina

1. Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center

This exciting public pool feels more like a water park! The lazy river, three-story water slide, water basketball and water volleyball facilities, and water vortex work together to create a dynamic experience. Younger children will enjoy a smaller slide and toddler-friendly toys. The 25-yard long lanes for lap swimming are perfect for older swimmers looking for a low-impact workout.

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2. Morrisville Aquatics and Fitness Center

The Morrisville Aquatics and Fitness Center has many of the same amenities as a private gym. Enjoy the dry sauna, fitness equipment, aerobics studio, and racquetball and tennis courts. The pool is open year-round, so you can relax and swim even during the winter. All of your family members, whatever age, will find something to love here.

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3. Cordelia Swimming Pool

Cordelia Swimming Pool, a very affordable outdoor pool in Charlotte, is the perfect way to spend a low-cost afternoon with your family! Water features that spray water are a fun way for younger children to enjoy playing here, while more adept swimmers can swim in the lap pool. Clean facilities and friendly lifeguards make this an excellent Charlotte destination.

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4. Triangle Aquatic Center

At 72,000 square feet, the Triangle Aquatic Center is one of the largest public aquatic facilities in North Carolina. It is made up of three pools—a 50-meter Competition Pool, a 25-yard Program Pool, and a smaller Instructional Pool. The spacious and modern facilities easily accommodate visitors and spectators for the competitive swimming that takes place here, and Rosie’s Café provides tasty smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. This facility is handicap accessible, making it an excellent destination for all ability levels.

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5. Homestead Aquatic Center

The town of Chapel Hill provides its residents three different pools. The Homestead Aquatic Center has a 25-meter competition pool so if you ever want to train in one of the 10 lanes. Across town is the Chapel Hill Community Center, 25-meter indoor pool with 6 lanes and a ramp entry for those requiring an accessible entrance. If you want to soak up some sun they also have their AD Clark outdoor pool which is open seasonally. Your family is sure to love this updated facility!

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6. Maynard Aquatic Center

This 300,000-gallon aquatic facility is open all year long. Serious swimmers can train in one of the 8 25-yard lanes, while children can play on the Frog Slide in the shallow end of the pool. The gently-sloped entry, complete with hand rails, makes the pool accessible to all. The building’s semi-permanent structure allows flexible use throughout the year. In the summer, the walls are removed for patrons to enjoy the sunshine.

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This article was written by Marissa Fackler.