Tired of walking your dog in circles around the block? Try going to these six beautiful locations in and near San Francisco to give you and your dog some new inspiration -- and some fresh air. From the beach to beautiful, verdant parks, you'll love spending time with your dog in these areas.

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Take Your Dog For A Beautiful Walk In These 6 San Francisco Places

1. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, San Francisco’s longest open beach, allows dogs to be off-leash in some areas. Even where your dog needs to be on a leash, the beach is a beautiful spot to go for a walk and take in the sea air. There are busy areas of the shore, but also more secluded, hidden ones. Explore the sand dunes, and head to the nearby coffee shops after your walk.

2. Mount Davidson Park

The 40 acre park of Mount Davidson has some serene trails to meander and explore with your dog. Dogs have to be on their leash, but that’s best as you don’t want them to run off in the hills or the tricky paths. The views are incredible as you climb up the trails, and enjoy the scent of eucalyptus wafting. Choose trails from varying difficulties, and enjoy your day with your dog!

3. Duboce Park

The Duboce Park is a beautiful spot to take your dog, with a large area where your dog can roam off-leash and free. The park is perfect if your dog enjoys playing and running with others — the park is practically designed for man’s best friend. DogFest, an annual festival, takes place in Duboce Park every April.

4. McLaren Park

An idyllic area to walk your best friend, McLaren Park has rolling hills where your dog can play. Enjoy the open fields, and hike the winding trails with your favorite companion. There’s lots of space for your pet to roam, and there’s even a pond where they can cool off from the heat. Try a relaxing stroll with an older dog, or take your energetic puppy for a run around the area.

5. Fort Funston

One of the best dog beaches in San Francisco is Fort Funston if you’re up for the challenge. Explore the steep paths with your dog to get some exercise, going downhill first before climbing back up the trail. Look out onto the water, where the calming views will be worth the hike. The dunes and cliffs make for an extraordinary dog walk.

6. Pacifica

Take your dog to Pacifica, where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind ocean views where the ocean seems calm and misty. You have to walk your dog on its leash, but you wouldn’t want it getting to close to the cliff’s edge. There are all kinds of trails that you can ramble through, from the Devil’s Slide Trail, to Mori Point and the Pedro Point Headlands.

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This article was written by Clara Hudson.