If you love adventure and skiing, try going heliskiing for a few days in one of the best locations on the earth -- or try checking off the whole list. From Japan to Wyoming, here are Tripping.com’s six best places to go heliskiing in the world.

Go Heliskiing In These 6 Places Around The World

1. Southern Alps, New Zealand

Go heliskiing through the Southern Alps of New Zealand with Alpine Heliski. The terrain includes 400 different runs and eight mountain ranges. Alpine Heliski customizes your trip based on your skills and prior experience to pick a mountain that will be fun and safe for you. Regular heliski packages range from three to eight days. All packages include transportation from wherever you are staying in Queenstown, lunch, and rentals of skis or boards.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

2. Southern Alps, New Zealand

If you go heliskiing in Zermatt, Switzerland, you can choose from 38 different mountains. Monte Rosa, for example, is 4,200 meters high and is for more experienced skiers. The tour operator Air Zermatt offers heliskiing as well as sightseeing flights around Switzerland.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

3. Southern Alps, New Zealand

Alaska is one of the most popular places in the world to go heliskiing. Go heliskiing with Majestic Heli Ski anytime between February through May. You can customize your own package or choose from the standard one, three, five, or seven day packages. Start your trip in Anchorage, where you can set up your home base before going on your ski adventure.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

4. Southern Alps, New Zealand

In Hokkaido, Japan you can go heliskiing at Hokkaido Backcountry Club. You can even go with a small group of three. Go through over 3,000 meters of terrain with a full day heliskiing package. Alternatively you can go on a private group tour or charter.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

5. Southern Alps, New Zealand

Heliski around the Coast Range Mountains with Bella Coola Heli Sports in Bella Coola, British Columbia. You can also stay at one of their wilderness lodges, such as the Pantheon Heli Ranch. At the Pantheon Heli Ranch you have the opportunity to heli ski on terrain that has never been skied on before. You can also heli ski down some of the highest peaks in British Columbia.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

6. Southern Alps, New Zealand

Go heliskiing through 305,000 acres of Wyoming, which includes the Palisades Mountain Ranges. With High Mountain Heli-Skiing, you can go in a group of five for six runs per day. After heliskiing all day, you can relax with a deep-tissue massage at Stillwaters Spa. You can choose from a couple of different packages, such as the Heli-Ski Adventure Package or the Heli-Ski Getaway Package.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

This article was written by Colleen Regan.