Whether you go heliskiing annually or want to venture away from traditional cross-country skiing and try something new, South America has a variety of different locations perfect for heliskiing. Here are Tripping.com’s best places to go heliskiing in South America.

Go Helicopter Skiing In These 5 Destinations In South America

1. Uco Valley, Argentina

Go heliskiing in the Uco Valley region by the Andes Mountains in Argentina. You can choose between going heliskiing or heli snowboarding for either three or six days. A guide will help match you to a particular terrain based on your prior experience and abilities. The elevation ranges from 8,250 feet to 14,850 feet.

Uco Valley, Argentina

2. Cipreses Valley, Chile

At VIK Lodge in Cipreses Valley, Chile, you can go heli skiing or heli snowboarding with up to three other people. The package includes 10 hours in a private helicopter and six full days of heli skiing or snowboarding. After heli skiing, head back to the resort, which features floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, and lake. Meals and transportation to and from the airport are also provided.

3. Uco Valley, Argentina

Explore the Andes and the mountains of Patagonia, Chile. If you visit during November, you can even heliski on Patagonia’s volcanoes! While in Patagonia, you can also go wildlife viewing to see whales and sea lions. There are many other outdoor activities you can do as well, including horseback riding and kayaking.

Uco Valley, Argentina

4. Uco Valley, Argentina

Andes Heliboarding has several lodges in Chile where you can go heli skiing. You can go heliskiing through large valleys next to the San Jose Volcano and the Maipo River. Note that the season here is from July to September -- so you can hit the slopes in North America before moving south of the equator to hunt more powder. Enjoy!

Uco Valley, Argentina

5. Uco Valley, Argentina

Go heliskiing or snowboarding in Santiago, Chile for either three or six full days. A private heli ski package also includes seven nights at a five star hotel. Santiago is a great place to visit for heli skiing because there are also a multitude of other activities to do in the city as well, such as trying out restaurants and checking out the nightlife scene.

Uco Valley, Argentina

This article was written by Colleen Regan.