Pittsburgh has many beautiful parks throughout the city. With diverse plants and great neighborhood vibes, use walking your dog as the perfect excuse to get outside and explore somewhere new. These six places in Pittsburgh are our favorite dog walking destinations. Many of them have off-leash sections, so you can let your pup run free.

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Take Your Dog To These 6 Great Places In Pittsburgh

Source: leafy/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Frick Park

Located in the Frick Environmental Center, this park is the largest of Pittsburgh’s historic regional parks. It stretches for more than 600 acres and is home to over 100 species of birds. Feel free to let your dog off his or her leash and roam around meeting other pups. You can also take your pooch on a walk through the park’s paved trails. There’s plenty of nature to see on your trip to Frick Park, so get your pup and head out there.

2. Riverview Park

Pittsburgh’s north side has a gem in Riverview Park. This 259-acre park is a popular spot for locals particularly for its wooded trails and the breathtaking Allegheny Observatory. Dog owners love the trails year-round, as they feature many different native trees, shrubs, and other plant life. The Chapel Shelter also draws people to this park, as this old Presbyterian church is now a historic picnic shelter that was restored in 2008. Your pooch can play in the off-leash dog park within the park or you can keep him or her on their leash and cruise around the grounds. You’re sure to find something interesting to you and your dog on this walk.

3. Schenley Park

In the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh is where you can go to find Schenley Park. You and your pup will have over 450 acres of trails, woods, and outdoor attractions to explore on your walk. This park hosts an array of events, so you might just catch a race while you’re there. The Schenley Park Café and Visitor center was restored in 2001 and is now open to the public, as well. Volleyball courts, a disc golf area, and a view of the city’s skyline are all things you can expect to see on your walk through the park, just make sure you keep your pup on a leash.

4. Olympia Dog Park

Is your canine friend ready to do some running? Bring him or her to this off-leash dog park in the Mt. Washington area of Pittsburgh and let your pup run wild. The park is fenced in and grassy, and there’s plenty of room to play solo or with other dogs. It features some flat areas as well as some hilly areas. Outside of the fenced-in dog park there are basketball courts and fields for baseball and soccer, so there’s always something going on here.

5. Point State Park

Want to get out of the concrete jungle without leaving the city? Head to Point State Park and bring your pooch along for a walk. This park was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975 and it’s one of the most beautiful parks to visit in the city. The park features the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a pedestrian and greenway system that covers more than 35 miles of river. The Great Allegheny Passage also offers dog owners over 140 miles of trail and can be accessed from the park. Stroll through the park with your pup on his or her leash and check out the monuments, plaques and markers scattered throughout the park that commemorate the historical significance of this park and the three rivers that converge at its location.

6. Emerald View Park

If your main priority on your walk with your dog is to see the Pittsburgh skyline, then look no further than Emerald View Park. What used to be three different historic parks—Grandview, Olympia, and Mount Washington—is now a 257-acre single park featuring winding trails, wooded hills, and, of course, a vista overlooking the skyline. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities free for the public to use in the park. Even more planning is underway for this park, so keep an eye out for future improvements. Keep your dog on his or her leash or let them off in the designated dog park.

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.