Philadelphia is a great city to explore with your dog. As with anywhere, though, not every great walking area is pet-friendly. These are our six favorite places to go for a walk with your dog in Philly -- the beautiful, natural setting of these parks is something that will calm your mind and delight your dog!

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Visit These 6 Great Philadelphia Parks To Walk Your Dog

Source: Alexis Lewis/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Schuylkill River Trail

Ranked #1 in USA Today’s Best Urban Trail in the Country, the Schuylkill River Trail is, arguably, the best spot to walk your dog in Philadelphia. Many parts of this trail are plowed during the winter, so don’t worry about snow getting in the way of your walking time. Check out the boardwalk along the water which is widened to allow people to sit on benches, stand and enjoy the view, or jog with their dog as others bike along the trail. With over 60 miles of trails through Philadelphia, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for you to enjoy a walk with your dog.

2. Radnor Trail

Take your pup on a scenic, 2.4-mile trail just northwest of Philadelphia. This trail snakes through wooded areas, different local parks and is lined with benches in case you get tired of walking. The Radnor Trail runs along what was once part of the Philadelphia and Western Railway Company track used first in 1907. The trail features a parking lot for easy access, and a bathroom at both the Conestoga Road entrance to the trail and along Brooke Road. Experience a little of Philadelphia history as you run along this trail with your dog (on a leash!) at your side.

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park

Another great South Philly dog walking spot is FDR Park, a 300-acre park. It has some trails that are perfect for dog walking, but also features beautiful natural resources. Take a walk out to the gazebo overlooking Meadow Lake, a favorite photo spot for engaged and married couple photos. The Audubon Society of Pennsylvania noted that this park is one of the best places in Philadelphia to bird watch. On your walk, make sure you keep an eye out for American black ducks, waterfowl, and warblers. You and your dog will love the variety of things to do and see in this park!

4. Upper Roxborough Reservoir

Take a quick, 20-minute drive northwest of the city and make your way to Upper Roxborough Reservoir. This nature site features 30 acres of land which includes two water basins, one of which is a natural wetland ecosystem. There is plenty of paved road for you and your dog to run through the woods and take in the migratory birds flying overhead. If you’re looking to get out in nature for a little bit and take your dog for a walk, this place will help you accomplish both at once.

5. Washington Avenue Green

If you’re in South Philadelphia, you have access to one of the best dog walking spots in the city. Washington Avenue Green is waterfront wetlands park on the banks of the Delaware River. It used to serve as an industrial pier, but recent renovations transformed it into a welcoming park perfect for dog-owners. Enjoy the view of the Delaware as you and your dog get some quality walking in on the Washington Avenue Green without leaving the city!

6. Ridley Creek State Park

Want to get out of the city with your favorite pal? Head to Ridley Creek State Park, just a 30-minute drive outside of Philadelphia, and hit the trails. Along with 13 miles of hiking trails through beautiful scenery, there is also a five-mile, paved trail that runs through the park. Ridley Creek stretches for 2,600 acres and features old and new growth forests, fields, meadows, and wetlands. You and your pooch might see white-tailed deer, fox, and blue herons on your walk. Listen for the songbirds as they sing throughout the forest and admire the oak, beech, walnut, and sycamore trees during your trip to Ridley Creek State Park.

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.