If you’re a dog owner in Chicago, one of your biggest challenges might be finding new places in the city to take your pooch on a walk. Going on the same walk day after day can get boring for you and your dog, so why not try some of these spots throughout Chicago and spice things up? Wherever you go, be sure to bring a few doggie waste bags, just in case!

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Take Your Dog On A Walk In These 6 Chicago Spots

1. Magnificent Mile

If you’re feeling fancy and want to do some window shopping while taking your dog on a walk, head to the Magnificent Mile and accomplish both. This premier shopping district in Chicago features stores like Burberry, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, and many more upscale businesses. You’ll be able to cruise past high-end and mid-range shops and keep your pooch happy as you walk up and down Michigan Avenue. Other dog owners often walk their pups along the Magnificent Mile. It can get a little crowded on the weekends, so plan ahead and know to expect a little foot traffic as you walk with your dog.

2. Lake Shore East Park

This six-acre park features a botanical garden, wide open green spaces, and a dog park for your pooch. Special water features run through the park and supply fresh drinking water for the dogs, so it’s no wonder it was voted the Best Open Space and Best New Park in Chicago. Take your dog on a walk to Lake Shore East Park and let him or her play in the designated dog park area while you watch form a vantage point, assured that your dog is safe in the fenced-in space.

3. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Though relatively small in size, the Belmont Harbor Dog Beach still offers a wonderful spot for you to bring your dog. Nestled along the waterfront of Belmont Harbor in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, you’re sure to find anywhere from 10-15 dogs at this beach on a Saturday morning. Let your dog socialize with other pups or run along the shoreline or dive into the water if he or she likes to swim. The beach also has two gated entrances so your pooch can’t run off into the city. Walk to the Belmont Harbor and let your dog off his or her leash to enjoy the park and mingle with other pups.

4. Lakefront Trail

Stretching for 18 miles throughout Chicago, the Lakefront Trail offers a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan and the city’s towering skyscrapers. Take the paved portion of the trail at Osterman Beach at Hollywood Avenue or stop along the way at the dog-friendly parks that dot the trail. You and your dog will get spectacular views of nature, city-scape, and everything in between when you walk the Lakefront Trail.

5. Navy Pier

Commonly referred to as Chicago’s lakefront playground, Navy Pier is also a dog-friendly place to walk your dog. Along the pier are dog-friendly restaurants, as well, so if you get hungry, the only choice you’ll have to make is where you want to eat. Walk up and down the pier and take in the sights like Centennial Wheel, which soars nearly 200 feet into the sky, a carousel, and other rides and attractions. The south dock of Navy Pier provides even more walking space for you and your dog. It stretches 2,000 feet long and features shops, restaurants, and an unbeatable view of Lake Michigan. The pier itself also offers a great view of the Chicago skyline, as well, so keep your eyes open and enjoy this incredible space in the heart of the city you’re your favorite furry friend.

6. Montrose Beach

Chicago’s first legal off-leash beach, Montrose Beach is a great place to bring your dog for a little exercise. The beach is open to the public during regular Chicago Park District hours, from sun up until 9 p.m. Let your pup play with other dogs or bring a few toys and play a game of catch. Your dog will love running around the soft sand and jumping into the water to cool off. This is a wonderful spot to take your dog for a walk, some beach time, and a bit of exercise.

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This article was written by Julianne Aiello.