The 5 Best Types of Travelers

For the optimal travel experience you want your Dream Team around you. Imagine your journey as a heist movie (like Ocean's 11). You need to assemble your team, and this post is the end of the 1st Act where George Clooney and Brad Pitt (you, of course) get all their old friends together to do the different jobs needed for the heist (journey). 1. The Planner: I always put off planning the details of my trips, as I just know that I'll want to change my mind the second I step off the plane. However, it's incredibly useful to have one person in your group who puts together the itinerary and plans out the activities for everyone. Now, there's no need to do everything that The Planner suggests (if you did, you'd probably only have 5 minutes for each activity!), but The Planner will give your trip some much-needed direction. 2. The Taxi-Flagger A close relative of "the Empty Parking Spot Finder" and "the Open Table Locator", The Taxi-Flagger has an uncanny ability to flag down a taxi in any situation. He or she will be standing in a crowd of 50 other taxi-hopefuls and will somehow end up with the perfect cab for you and your group. A must-have for cities like New York where taxis are the preferred method of fast transportation. 3. The Explorer The opposite of The Planner - but equally important -The Explorer can find the best local spots, tastiest restaurants and most interesting places to visit in any destination. (Luckily, there are tons of explorers on Tripping, as Trippers love to step off the tourist trail and find the authentic city underneath.) 4. The Socialite The Socialite may have never been to wherever your group is visiting, but that doesn't mean that he or she won't find a rocking party right away. Best of all, when traveling with a socialite you'll be sure to finish your journey with lots of new friends. And possibly a hangover. 5. The Photographer As I described in this blog post a few weeks ago, taking photos will help you remember your trips forever. So last but not least in our list is The Photographer, who always has a camera in hand and 5500 photos uploaded to Facebook or Flickr. Be sure to treat The Photographer to a few meals every now and then, to ensure that you'll be able to copy those photos to your harddrive after you all return home. Ok, so now you have your team ready for action. So go travel! -Grahame