Whether you're visiting Boston on a business trip, enjoying a weekend trip to the city, or have lived there for decades, there is something special about these bars with a view. Get new perspectives on the city you love while impressing your date, significant other, coworkers, friends, or family. Without further ado, here are our picks for the five most beautiful rooftop bars in Boston.

Say "Cheers" At These Beautiful Boston Rooftop Bars

5. Whiskey Priest

Boston is known for its overwhelmingly Irish population, and what’s more Irish than whiskey? At Whiskey Priest, Bostonians can enjoy a view of the ocean on the rooftop deck while sipping on one of the 100+ whiskeys and over 30 draught beers. The view of the marina from the rooftop is a sight to see, and on a warm, summer day it’s like a little slice of heaven. It’s best to go during the say when you can see the port and the boats coming in, so carve some time out of your day and head to Whiskey Priest.

4. Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake

For most Bostonians, Rattlesnake is the go-to rooftop deck in the city. Its location on Boylston Street means its convenient to get to by public transit and is in walking distance from many workplaces. The Rattlesnake serves up Latin American fare, so get your appetite ready for some carne asada tacos and steak-topped nachos to enjoy with one of 15 handcrafted cocktails. The place also has a great selection of tequilas, as well as beer and wine. What more could you ask for in a rooftop bar? Grab some buds and head to Rattlesnake for an entertaining evening.

3. Lookout Rooftop and Bar at Envoy Hotel

In the Seaport district, a view of the ocean is a major perk to dining or drinking in the area. But at the Lookout Rooftop and Bar, you’ll get a little something extra. With a 270-degree view of both the city’s skyline and the ocean, you’re bound to get one of the best views in the city. Come at sunset and you’re in for a breathtaking sight. Set on top of Envoy Hotel, this modern building and chic furniture welcome guests, from locals to tourists, and offers an inviting space to have a cocktail with some friends. Try the Look, But Don’t Touch cocktail, made from Boston-based Bully Boy Vodka, Lemon, Sherry, Hibiscus, and Blackberry for a refreshing drink. Take in the city lights and sit outside with the cool, ocean breeze keeping you company.

2. Coppersmith

Located in a converted copper foundry in South Boston, Coppersmith has something that no other bar in Boston can claim. Not only does this warehouse-style place have indoor restaurant and bar seating at long picnic tables, WiFi equipped coffee shop, and two food trucks inside, but it also boasts an old-fashioned Airstream trailer. You won’t see a traditional bar on the rooftop unless you head to the Airstream, where you’ll find a fully-stocked bar inside of it. Talk about a retro place to have a rooftop drink. Coppersmith hosts Sunday Funday tailgates throughout the fall and even does holiday-inspired specials and events. The friendly, community atmosphere is just one of the many reasons to stop in at Coppersmith.

1. The Baseball Tavern

Like its name suggests, this place is a sports fan haven. Located in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, The Baseball Tavern features 3 levels, the third level being a rooftop bar. What makes this bar unique, though, is the view from the roof. Patrons at The Baseball Tavern get a nearly unobstructed view of the iconic Fenway Park. The roof is even decorated like the historical field, with a mini scoreboard on a green fence, just like the real thing. Drinks here are usually a bit cheaper than surrounding bars, too, making this spot that much more enticing for those on a budget. The Baseball Tavern is a landmark bar in the Fenway neighborhood, so don’t miss the chance to experience this place on game day!

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.