Whether you’re on a budget and just looking for a place to crash after a long day at the festival, or ready to spend some serious cash on a hotel suite with friends, there are many options for you to choose from when going to the ULTRA Music Festival from March 24th to 26th this year. There are pros and cons to staying near and away from Downtown Miami, so consider these helpful tips on where to stay depending on what you’re looking for.

These 5 Places To Stay In Miami Are Perfect For ULTRA

Image credit: Lonny Paul/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Downtown Miami

This location is perfect for those looking to walk to and from the festival without the hassle of finding transportation. Downtown Miami and be within two blocks of Bayfront Park. Miami Sun Hotel is budget-friendly hotel in the heart of Downtown Miami and is within walking distance of the festival. Stay here and save some money on your hotel room to have a little extra cash to spend on your three-day adventure at ULTRA.

The center of Hispanic culture in Miami, Little Havana is a neighborhood you’ll love staying in during your time at ULTRA. It offers exuberant street-side restaurants, music, cultural activities, and a sense of Cuban community, as it’s one of the best known Cuban neighborhoods in the world. If you’re looking to enjoy a little bit of culture away from ULTRA, this is the place to go. It’s located just outside of Downtown Miami, so a cab ride or public transit are both options for getting to and from the festival.

2. Downtown Miami

Complete with a vibrant energy and designer boutiques, this is a great neighborhood to stay in if you want to absorb yourself with all that is South Beach. You’ll be staying right off the beach with access to the water, bars and Cuban restaurants, and some colorful architecture. From here, you will need to catch a ride to the festival, but if you’re not big on crowds, you’ll be glad you can escape back to your abode after the night’s end. Check out The Carlyle, which has been featured in many Hollywood movies, Colony Hotel, one of the most photographed hotels in South Beach, or the Clevelander which is popular for its outdoor, poolside bar.

3. Vagabond Hotel

The Vagabond Hotel is conveniently located along the trendy Biscayne Boulevard, and five miles away from the crowds of ULTRA. It’s semi-budget friendly, running you about $170 per night, and features an outdoor pool you might just spend all of your time in. The pool includes a bar and is a popular spot for festival-goers to party the day away before the festival begins. The boulevard offers even more bar, restaurants, shopping, and activities for the vacationer, so you’ll never be bored if you secretly decide to skip a day of the festival.

4. The W Miami

Going with a group? Consider going all out and getting a suite at the W Miami. You and up to four friends can share a suite and enjoy access to the lonest west infinity pool in Florida. You’ll also get to enjoy a lounge with a private rooftop pool and well-kept rooms. Prices can be steep, but splitting it five ways will make it a little easier on your wallet. You’ll also be just a 15-minute walk along Biscayne Boulevard to the festival grounds, so you’ll save money on transportation, too.

5. Downtown Miami

Once a warehouse district just north of Downtown Miami, Wynwood is now a bustling art and cultural district. Art walks, galleries, and hip new restaurants and bars make this neighborhood desirable for visitors and locals alike. Stay in Wynwood and be within 3 miles of the festival. You can easily take public transportation from your accommodations to the park and avoid the crowds as you leave for the night. Consider renting a house or apartment on Airbnb or another vacation home rental site to fully immerse yourself in the neighborhood’s vibe.

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.