Observed annually on April 22 in over 100 countries worldwide, Earth Day is an event that promotes environmental conservation. On Earth Day, communities come together to educate the public and focus on addressing issues like pollution, resource depletion, deforestation, endangered animals, and climate change. Others celebrate the day by simply enjoying the outdoors or participating in civic activities such as planting trees or cleaning up public spaces. Here are several American cities to visit on Earth Day.

Celebrate Earth Day In These 10 U.S. Cities In 2017

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Throughout multiple areas in the city, volunteers can participate in Earth Day cleanups to beautify Minneapolis neighborhoods, lakes, and parks. Since the cleanup initiative first began, over a100,000 pounds of waste have been removed from public spaces. This event is open to all ages.

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2. North Charleston, South Carolina

The annual Earth Day Festival is sponsored by Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department. Drawing thousands of visitors a year, the fair boasts several live music performances, prize drawings, and an arts workshop where recycled materials are used to create crafts. There are also engaging informational displays that raise awareness about various environmental topics such as composting, alternative energy, and organic farming.

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3. Bend, Oregon

The Environmental Center kicks off Earth Day with a free parade and street fair in the downtown area. Attendees are encouraged to dress up in costumes that resemble animals and plants. Featuring local businesses, art, hands-on activities, and live music, the festival is packed with fun. Additionally, civic-minded individuals can sign up for a community initiative to plant shrubs and trees, weed out invasive vegetation, and beautify the public landscape.

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4. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

At Yellowstone, the community collaborates to clean up the park by collecting litter and recycling. Moreover, Earth Day doubles as a “Trash Amnesty Day” where locals can drop off or schedule a free trash pick-up, but household hazardous waste are excluded. Thrift shops and trucks welcome donations of furniture and clothing. Following the clean-up events, the park hosts a complimentary community BBQ.

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5. Honolulu, Hawaii

The city of Honolulu holds its yearly Earth Day celebration at the historic Waikiki Aquarium. Attendees will learn about how humans impact the island’s water sources and ways to protect the environment.

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6. Manhattan Beach, California

Hosted by the City of Manhattan Beach as well as the Volunteers and Organizations Improving the Community’s Environment, the Earth Day event at Polliwog Park attracts thousands of attendees annually. The celebration includes family-friendly activities, fresh food, games, and music. Visitors can also learn about seaside city’s past and current projects dedicated to making the area greener and more eco-friendly.

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7. Indianapolis, Indiana

The Earth Day Indiana Festival showcases educational workshops, phenomenal food vendors, and more than a hundred organizations devoted to sustainability and environmental protection. The fair takes place in Downtown Indiana at Military Park. During some years, the event also holds a 5K run or walk marathon.

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8. New York City, New York

NYC takes Earth Day to the next level by celebrating the event for an entire week. The festivities include educational opportunities sponsored by dozens of non-profits, live entertainment, activities for kids, and a 5K Green Tour that leads groups around the city to learn about green initiatives and how to contribute to conservation efforts.

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9. Boston, Massachusetts

In honor of Earth Day, thousands of volunteers convene each year at the Charles River to pick up trash and help with general park maintenance. The river and its surrounding areas are prominent spots that people exercise at and visit, so the cleanup effort provides an opportunity for participants to give back to the community.

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10. Madison, Wisconsin

Visitors can register to attend the Earth Day conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. With subjects ranging from wilderness conservation to pop culture and its fascination with post-apocalyptic societies, the symposium’s overall theme varies each year to ensure fresh, thought-provoking discussions. The seminar includes a panel of accomplished speakers offering innovative ideas about modern environmental issues.

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This article was written by Justina Tran.