The Virgo personality is very active. It loves to be constantly learning and treats new experiences as exciting adventures. They would be challenged in a setting such as a relaxing beach, because Virgos cannot stand to feel idle for any amount of time. A Virgo constantly pursues the next horizon, and is looking to achieve the next personal milestone, be it professional, academic, or even in health. With these traits in mind, we’ve compiled a list of destinations sure to appeal to the Virgo in you, no matter where this sign may fall in your moon chart!

The 10 Best Places For A Virgo To Travel

1. New York City

Anything you want to learn or experience, you can find in or within half an hour of New York. The skyscrapers’ the limit! Walk or run through Central Park, see a show (or two) on Broadway, explore the diverse areas of the city and get out of town to the beach if you must.

2. San Francisco

This city built on hills is another that is full of culture, from its historic Ghirardelli Square to its interesting architecture and diverse districts like the Mission and Castro. An avid sightseer won’t be able waste a moment. It's a great city to go on walks or runs on the Embarcadero, the Marina, or out at Ocean Beach.

3. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Arguably the East coast’s most regal-looking city, Quebec City is a two-hour drive from the larger city of Montreal, but has particularly scenic drives and beautiful European-style architecture that will delight Virgos looking for a getaway from the suburbs.

4. Missoula, Montana

Possibly the least touristy destination on this list, Missoula offers the close-knit feeling of a small town with plenty to do downtown. A main draw is its proximity to several national parks and natural hot springs. This is a great area for hiking and skiing if you come during the winter, and you get the laid-back yet active vibe of a mountain town.

5. Florence, Italy

Florence is the destination if you are looking for beauty at every turn. The volume of art that you can see (and buy) here is not paralleled anywhere else on this list! Florence has a great combination of big architectural wonders and quiet, small streets that are inspiring to walk down and give you a feel of the past.

6. London

The best activity for a Virgo to do in this city is to go on historic walking tours. A Virgo seeking an education in a nation rich in the history of kings, queens, writer, and the first wax museum needs to look no further. When you're not walking, spend some time in Hyde Park or explore the city's fantastic restaurant scene.

7. Philadelphia

Considered the richest in history as far as the beginning of the United States, Philly is another city that provides historical walking tours. Here is a city built on education and legislation, with a great nightlife scene as well as charming suburbs and parks for the motivated traveler.

8. Grand Canyon

The classic way to experience this American wonder is with a road trip in an RV, but just getting there and seeing the view is a great way to experience the desert, and see somewhere unlike the rest of the destinations on this list. Your eyes will have plenty to take in - be sure to take a camera and to watch the sunrise or sunset.

9. Lake Tahoe

The best way to experience Tahoe is to drive through the gorgeous mountains. You'll stimulate the Virgo’s sense of cautious adventure this way. Be sure to swim in the lake, ski or snowboard at one of the many ski resorts in the area, and go hiking in the gorgeous Desolation Wilderness close to South Lake Tahoe.

10. Orlando

The final destination on our list probably offers the most opportunity to avoid idleness. This city offers several theme parks to pique the active interests of the Virgo, and it may be actually impossible to explore every corner of these parks. If you're feeling adventurous, head to the beach for a little relaxation.

This article was written by Noelle LaDue.