If you're planning a trip to Europe this holiday season, there are some special holiday events that you shouldn't miss. We have listed the best places to go during the holidays in the top European cities so that you can work them into your itinerary. Enjoy!

Experience These 10 Great Events In Europe During The Holidays

Photo: Filippo Diotalevi/Flickr

1. London

The English celebrate Christmas best in song, with all kinds of glamorous and traditional concerts bringing cheer into the holiday season. Get into the spirit at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with their Classic Carols, or hear carols by the King’s College Choir.

Photo: olivierbxl/Flickr

2. London

The Brussels Christmas Market at St Catherine is a bizarre winter wonderland. The line of little wooden huts have a beautiful old church at one end and a large modern ferris wheel at the other. The surreal carousels with mythical creatures make this market as surreal as the elusive Belgians.

Photo: Gilad Rom/Flickr

3. London

The Christmas Market in Venice is an entirely different breed. The markets mean handmade glass ornaments and lace decorations. Venetian masks are all the rage at the markets with Carnival coming up, making the Christmas market more of a winter-theme than anything else.

Photo: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaur/Flickr

4. London

For November and December, the Botanical Garden in Berlin turns from its natural state into a winter wonderland. Glowing sculptures made from light illuminate the gardens in the shape of reindeer and other holiday figures. Take a winter walk through the Germans’ creative take on Christmas.

Photo: Victoria Reay/Flickr

5. London

As a Catholic city and home to the Vatican, Rome hosts one of the most incredible nativity scenes in December. See the scenes from around the world at the Sala del Bramante up until Epiphany (January 6th). There are smaller nativity scenes set up in churches all over Rome.

Photo: Bob Fisher/Flickr

6. London

At the end of November, Madrid transforms from everyday life into Christmas time. The switching on of the Christmas lights, that are designed by some of the best designers in Spain, lights up the city literally and figuratively.

Photo: ser_is_snarkish/Flickr

7. London

Have some holiday fun at the ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel. Every year, winter brings the ice rink along with the typical Danish cold. The ice-rink has free admission, and you can rent or bring your own skates. Skate your way through this winter!

Photo: FCerez/Flickr

8. London

On December 3rd, the 41st Annual Festival of Lights Christmas Parade will traverse down Lake Geneva. Live music and floats make this a must-be-at event for the Swiss, and the glimmering lights are beautiful in the brisk cold.

Photo: charley1965/Flickr

9. London

Christmas at Rosendal is Stockholm’s unique take on the holiday season. The garden is filled with seasonal flowers and wreaths while pastries, bread and other food will keep you warm in the winter months. The event opens in late November, but in December there’s a special evening with a light show and a bonfire burning as the sun sets.

Photo: David/Flickr

10. London

The yearly Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival heads to Amsterdam this year, with the theme of “Music Inspires.” Get ready to see sculptures of your favourite artists and musical instrument sculptures in a snowy paradise. A sneak peak of the line-up features representations of musicians such as Mozart and Prince. A wonderfully weird winter tradition!

This article was written by Clara Hudson.