Whether you're gay or straight, hitting the dance floor at a gay bar is one of the most fun experiences that you can have, ever. Here is our list of our top ten favorite gay bars and clubs in the U.S. that we think you should put on your bucket list. Cheers!

Check Out These 10 Gay Bars In The U.S.

1. Mary's - Atlanta

Located in Atlanta, Georgia this bar is known for the crowd that always keeps coming back. Mary’s is always filled with regulars, and one of Atlanta’s best water holes and hole in the wall you’ll come across. It’s great for new arrivals because you get to experience such a historic bar that's been around for years and years.

Address: 1287 Glenwood Avenue, Atlanta


2. Akbar - Atlanta

One of the favorites for all the gay boys and girls in La La Land, this bar is a must see! Akbar is known for their “rock meets pop” atmosphere. And you never know what celebrity you’ll catch on any given weekend. This bar is very laid back, and doesn’t have a lot of rules. Keep an open mind when attending!

Address: 4356 Sunset Boulevard, Atlanta

3. The Stud - Atlanta

This one's for all those who start their weekends on a Tuesday night! Home of the legendary drag show, you cannot miss this bar! Although their most popular night is Tuesday, they are packed to the max every night! They even have tarot card readers hiding out in the corner of the bar.

Address: 339 9th Street, Atlanta

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4. Gym Bar - Atlanta

For those searching for a real man, the Gym Bar is home to all those gay sport fans. Like a normal sports bar, it has great food, and drinks to last you the whole night… the only difference… It’s a gay sports bar! A unique experience to say the least, the Gym Bar always has a line out the door on big game nights.

Address: 167 8th Avenue, Atlanta

5. The Phoenix - Atlanta

In the heart of Las Vegas’s strip, The Phoenix has great happy hour, and awesome food deals, one of the most affordable places to eat in Las Vegas. Known for their karaoke, you cannot find a better show anywhere in Las Vegas.

Address: 4213 W Sahara Avenue, Atlanta


6. The Vault - Atlanta

This bar is seriously off the charts. If you want a crazy night, this is the place to be. When we say crazy, we mean CRAZY! The Vault has the best beach vibe, party hard, go crazy type of atmosphere. It’s very close to South Beach, so bring your bathing suit!

Address: 145 N Miami Avenue, Atlanta

7. Boxers - Atlanta

In the heart of the city of brotherly love, Boxers has it all. It has a great bar and dining area down stairs, and a crazy dance floor up stairs. It also has pool and darts to play while you drink your beer. The men who work here only wear boxers. Make sure to check their website for all their fun upcoming events.

Address: 1330 Walnut Street, Atlanta


8. Big Chicks - Atlanta

This gay bar is LGBT friendly, but really popular for straight people, too! They just want everyone to have a good time, no matter how you identify. This bar has quite the entertainment calendar, so check out their website before you go to see what's happening.

Address: 5024 N Sheridan Rd, Atlanta


9. The Dallas Eagle - Atlanta

It’s time to get your cowboy hats and Levi's on and grab some drinks at The Dallas Eagle. You know what they say, everything's bigger in Texas. This bar is known for their weekly promotions and events -- there’s always something going on!

Address: 5740 Maple Avenue, Atlanta

10. Ego - Atlanta

A well-kept secret, Providence, Rhode Island has one of the best gay scenes in America. Ego, a fast-paced club is popular for the younger crowds. It’s also near other clubs in walking distance, so you can bar hop all around town!

Address: 73 Richmond Street, Atlanta

This article was written by Kevin Burrows.